Meet GLOCAL IV (2020-2022)


Fancy seeing you here! My name is Tilla and I grew up in a small town at the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany. Although I deeply love living by the sea, I couldn’t wait to move away and explore the world. I got as far as Berlin, where I did my undergraduate in cultural history & theory and business administration, and fell in love with everything cultural… READ MORE


Olá! My name is Daniel and I am a passionate Brazilian interested in the interlinks between sustainability and innovation. Currently, besides pursuing my Glocal master’s degree, I work for EURAXESS Latin America & the Caribbean, a European Commission initiative, promoting EU funding for Science, Technology, and Innovation in my home region… READ MORE


Hi everyone! My name is Maryam and I’m from Pakistan. Dreamer by day and thinker by night, I spend quite a lot of time in my head. I love a good challenge and anything creative inspires me! One of my hobbies is making handmade jewellery and gifts, which I turned into a small business venture at age 14… READ MORE


Hello everyone! I’m Lukas from Austria, and I’ve always been interested in the interplay between firms, national cultures, and business models. How do multinational companies adapt their business models to the local culture?  How do SMEs internationalize their business? … READ MORE


Hey! I am Celia from Hong Kong. This is the second time for me to study in Europe and I am deeply thrilled about it (hopefully we do not need to zoom our way through the degree!). Before joining GLOCAL, I graduated with an Mphil in Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge with… READ MORE


Welcome all! My name is Aslı. The world has circumvented around the sun 24 times since I was born. I enjoy cheese, cakes, anis, and orange flavoured liquors, obscure literature, contemporary visual arts, electronic-based variations of jazz and funk, 15 minutes youtube videos, eating food for hours around rectangular tables, long walks in … READ MORE


I am Blessing from Nigeria. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance, and currently studying towards the Global Markets, Local Creativities (GLOCAL) Masters degree. I am interested in the nexus of finance, policy, and development, a fact which has guided my professional career to date… READ MORE


Hi! I am Chestnut, from Mainland China, studying on pathway A (Glasgow-Barcelona-Rotterdam) 😀  For my bachelor’s degree, I studied pharmacy and English. My major might be the one that has the farthest relation with GLOCAL. Though interested in multinational business for years, … READ MORE


Hello! 你好!ㄋㄧˇㄏㄠˇ!I am Yu-Ting from Taoyuan City, Taiwan. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Law, used to be a process server of Taiwan’s court, a marketing planner of a Japanese animation agency, and an assistant to the overseas group’s chairman… READ MORE


Hi there! This is David from Shanghai. It was not until my early twenties when I first went abroad as an exchange student to the south-east of England. An exploration of different land, an experience to different minds. That drives me to embark on my second adventure to Europe, … READ MORE 


Hey, I’m Irina. Born in a small village in Moldova which can be barely found on the map sometimes, moved to Moscow, Russia at the age of five and learned what cultural differences are at a very young age. I graduated with honours from the Russian Presidential Academy with Bachelor in History … READ MORE


Hej, this is Kexin from Zhejiang, China. My hometown is a coastal city, this may explain the reason why I love seafood so much. I like to experience different cultures as well as communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds… READ MORE


Hola a todos! I grew up in a small and lovely town in Honduras, Central America. What has filled my heart the most since I was little is helping others, especially underprivileged people. I have volunteered as a translator for numerous international medical brigades in remote parts of Honduras since I was in 8th grade… READ MORE


Growing up in the mgacity of Moscow, grey and flooded by automobiles, I have barely seen any nature around me. My favourite TV show was The Life Collection by David Attenborough. I would sit in front of the screen for hours, magnetised by the infinite stream of pure energy that exists in nature: rivers, oceans, the sun, the change of seasons … READ MORE


Hi! My name is Vadim, and I am on the track A. I did my Bachelor’s degree in political science at SPBU in St. Petersburg, Russia with one exchange semester at Humbold University of Berlin. Speaking about international experience, I decided to apply for GLOCAL because two main reasons… READ MORE


Hi everyone! I am Nicolas Lopez-Cano from the United States and Colombia. I graduated in 2018 from Westminster College in Missouri with a degree in Economics, Transnational Studies and French. I am very passionate about engaging in socially-focused business ventures as a… READ MORE


Hey there! I’m Linus, born in a small, cozy town in the center of Germany. Growing up with the Atlas as my favorite book and Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth as my favorite movie –ask my parents- I always had the desire to see and eventually understand some of the things that happen around us… READ MORE


HELLO THERE!!! My name is Lynn from China ( Chinese name Linjie, I know it’s hard to pronounce so let’s skip it hehe). I have an academic background in English Literature Studies, with a focus on education… READ MORE


Hello there! I am Mariana from Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and I am deeply interested to understand the relationship between culture and economy. I have always been involved with culture and arts. However, I also wanted to better comprehend the complexities of the world in order to… READ MORE 


Hi! My name is huanjie, coming from Hainan, a tropical island from China. ‘Always bearing a heart full of curiosity and courage’ could best describe me. As a world citizen, I always go after challenges and advance my competences in the global market… READ MORE


Hey! You can call me Ana, this is how I introduce myself to international friends to avoid the awkward sound of my second name “Paola”, but I am Paola too. I am proudly Mexican. I had happily lived, studied, and worked in Mexico City my whole life. In the summer of 2019… READ MORE


Hi everyone! I’m Umama Malik from Pakistan, and I have been interested in how we can create an impact that is sustainable and long-lasting in the world. Before GLOCAL, I chose to pursue my Bachelors in Business Administration to understand… READ MORE


Hello everyone! My name is Ella and I´m from Germany. I did my Bachelor in Corporate Management and Economics at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen. During my undergraduate studies I made some transcultural experiences which motivated me to … READ MORE


Hello! I’m Giullianna ☺️ I grew up in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, but my family is from Brazil and Italy #multiculturalchild. I completed my undergrad in Economics and Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University in Chicago and absolutely fell in… READ MORE


Hello, everyone. My name is Daniya. I come from the largest city of Kazakhstan – the beautiful city of Almaty. The city is located in the footsteps of mountains, which supply us with water, create a beautiful view and block free airflow. I am studying on … READ MORE


Hola! I am Carolina from Colombia. I lived in Bogota, the capital city, a very big (rather cold to Colombian standards) city in the Andean Mountains. My study track is in sustainable business development and I am very happy to be the first cohort to go to… READ MORE


Hey, you! My name is Nika and I am originally from the beautiful country of Belarus. I have travelled to, studied and worked in over thirty-five countries, so by now it is hard to say which culture I identify with the most. I definitely aim to be a citizen of the … READ MORE


Hello there! I’m Arya and I hail from Kochi, Kerala which is situated in South India. I spent most of my childhood in Chennai in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu, where Carnatic (a form of Indian classical music)… READ MORE

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