Hi everyone! I am Nicolas Lopez-Cano from the United States and Colombia. I graduated in 2018 from Westminster College in Missouri with a degree in Economics, Transnational Studies and French. I am very passionate about engaging in socially-focused business ventures as a means of solving some of the most pressing challenges that the world faces. My interest in international development and business creation has led me to co-design and participate in innovative social ventures in Colombia, Kazakhstan, Uganda and the United States.

After graduating and gaining work experience, I was eager to continue my academic development. Once I found the master’s in Global Markets, Local Creativities, it was evident that this program was the best fit for my interests and ambitions. Although it has a world-class academic program and an amazing mobility structure, I would have to say that my favorite part about the GLOCAL experience is the incredibly diverse student body. Despite the current pandemic, I have been fortunate enough to share some memorable experiences with wonderful people in Scotland and Barcelona, and I am eager to see what is yet to come!