Hello there! I’m Arya and I hail from Kochi, Kerala which is situated in South India. I spent most of my childhood in Chennai in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu, where Carnatic (a form of Indian classical music) and the smell of filter coffee is constantly wafting through the air. Living in such a culturally rich space inspired me to dive into the world of Arts and Music at the age of 4.

Over the next 14 years, I dedicated my time to learning Carnatic vocals. Music, I can say with conviction, is my happy place and shaped my creativity, thoughts and ideas. My Undergraduate Programme in Humanities at Azim Premji University, Bangalore, combined the disciplines of History, Literature, Media, Society, and Development.

The interdisciplinarity helped me connect different contexts, narratives, and new-age platforms through which art and cultural products/content is created to reach audiences. During my studies, I also interned at a couple of E-commerce, media and advertising agencies as a copy and content writer. After graduation, I moved to my hometown Kochi, where I worked as a Research Curator at The Kerala Museum.

Working at the museum opened doors to yet another facet of the Creative & Cultural Industry. Taking part in the museum’s attempts to strengthen informal, participatory learning through multisensory engagement and involvement of local creatives made me realise how art/cultural centres can go a long way in helping local creative communities. That is when I discovered GLOCAL and everything fell into place quite perfectly.

I could finally combine my varied interests through this programme- be it media, films, business, arts and culture, or music! I’m hoping to collect innumerable memories with my wonderful GLOCAL batchmates during these two years. I have gained such deep worldly insights conversing with my peers that go far beyond the four classroom walls (or rather, zoom screens!) thanks to the multi-cultural representation in the cohort.

Moving from one mobility to another has made me fall in love with travelling, photography and making small films that capture these precious moments. While I spend my alone time journaling, watching Netflix, reading, and sometimes dancing, at other times you can find me catching up with fellow GLOCALS over Boba Tea, making them Masala Chai, exploring new places with them or taking them to South Indian restaurants — I have successfully created many Dosa enthusiasts!!!