Growing up in the megacity of Moscow, grey and flooded by automobiles, I have barely seen any nature around me. My favourite TV show was The Life Collection by David Attenborough. I would sit in front of the screen for hours, magnetised by the infinite stream of pure energy that exists in nature: rivers, oceans, the sun, the change of seasons — everything looked boundless and limitless. Unlike urban sceneries of fuel combustion, these series looked almost sci-fi to me. When I started volunteering for Greenpeace in early 2018 I soon understood that these “sci-fi” pictures of infinite clean energy could and should become the new normal for humanity.

My name is Alexandra, I am a Japanese studies graduate and a young professional in the IT industry from Moscow, Russia. Before applying for GLOCAL I worked in the startup sphere for two years, taking care of product management and business development side of the local companies I have worked for. Apart from being utterly interested in the topics of new technology development and transfer, I deeply care about our planet’s transition to a more sustainable future. That is why I have chosen GLOCAL track D – Industrial dynamics and Sustainability. In my free time, I do yoga, dancing, and reading. In the better pre-covid times I would be very outgoing because I enjoy a good party with lots of people in a single room. Hopefully, we will have one with my coursemates in Barcelona in the nearest future!