introducing NIKA

Hey, you! My name is Nika and I am originally from the beautiful country of Belarus. I have travelled to, studied and worked in over thirty-five countries, so by now it is hard to say which culture I identify with the most. I definitely aim to be a citizen of the world.

In GLOCAL, I am on pathway C โ€“ Sustainable Business Development since I strongly believe that knowledge needs to be applied to solve real-world issues and business, both private and public, has the potential to do just that. We have seen enough evidence over the past years that the traditional economic system has failed us and if nothing changes, we are on our way to global environmental, economic and social collapse. So it is up to us to change that and build a better future for ourselves and generations to come. Circularity and conscious consumption are a few topics I am deeply interested in and am learning more about to apply in my personal and professional lives. Beyond the scope of this program, I am keen on psychology, human potential, quantum mechanics and the nature of reality. And when I am not studying or applying those, I take photographs, dance, travel, write and do business. I also love a good conversation, so if you are interested in any of the topics I mentioned or simply feel like connecting, feel free to reach out.