Meet GLOCAL II (2018-2020)


Hey, there! I am Iryna from Ukraine. Born and raised in the beautiful city named after the Dnipro river, I always felt a persistent desire to go beyond my conform zone and explore our small planet. In 2015 I left my city, a job at the auditing firm and with my small suitcase moved to Armenia to study European studies and enjoy fully Caucasian vibes. Read More

Yu Po


10 Things About Me

  1. Born in Taichung, Taiwan. Lived in Hualien, Kinmen Island (Quemoy) and Taipei in Taiwan and Prague, Czech Republic.
  2. Graduated from Graduate Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University. Major in International Relations, Mainland China affairs and Cross-strait relations.
  3. Interest in NGOs, Social Enterprise, Circular Economy, Effective Altruism and Social Progress. Read More


My name is Yana and I am an ethnic Korean born and raised in Kazakhstan. At the age of 17, I moved to South Korea to learn language, culture and traditions of my native land. And that is exactly where I finished the university and got a bachelor`s degree in business administration. Before coming to Glasgow, I worked for a while as a manager in plastic surgery industry, volunteered in numerous summer camps for children… Read more



I am a light traveler with a heavy heart, who wears many hats. I prefer to travel for a purpose, usually in pursuit of knowledge and experiences, expanding and uncovering horizons.

Places of residence are one of the best ways I’ve come to identify myself. My roots are from Hong Kong… Read more

Yu Ting
Ting Fang

Ni Hao, my name is Yu Ting Fang. In case it’s hard to pronounce, you can call me Phoebe. I’m from Taiwan, a small island with beautiful places and culture. I majored in Spanish when I was in the university and I actually chose it because I’m a big fan of Spain National Football Team. Of course football is one of the reasons why I come to Europe since Taiwan is called the desert of football. Read more



Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. A true karachiite who love tea, coffee and everything which has caffeine in it. I like to eat, cook and especially make my fellow GLOCAL’s eat spicy Pakistani food :D. I love good cinema and music but I rarely watch new movies as I end up watching old movies I have watched already! and I have the same music playlist I had 5 years ago. This is my first time traveling outside Pakistan. Read more



Hello everyone! I’m Shipo from Taipei, Taiwan. I studied English literature in college and double-majored in Turkish. I was an exchange student in North Dakota, USA. I also learned French for quite a while. After college and military service, I went to Burkina Faso, West Africa, and worked for five years. Read more

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Namaste! My name is Shaina and I hail from Hyderabad, which is in the southern region of India. I’ve just finished my Bachelors in Business Administration. I’d been working in the field of music and acting back home and have been a part of the theatre community for 10 years now and have learnt Indian Classical Music for roughly 14 years. Read more



Hey all, I’m Riyoko, born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve fallen in love with Glasgow for its incredible music scene, great architecture and kind people, and I’m beyond excited to move to Barcelona in January for the sea, food and a (welcome) change in weather  Read more

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Hello! I’m Riccardo, I am 23 years old and originally from Sardinia, Italy. I studied Economics and Business & Management at the University of Glasgow with one year spent at The University of Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, I experienced globalisation and its consequences on individuals and on the environment.  Read more



Personal interests?

  1. Being a solo traveler. Though I enjoy having fun on a journey with friends, travelling alone is an essential part of my life.
  2. Reading with a real fine coffee—must be a real fine one
  3. Getting close to nature—particularly ocean
  4. Exploring the corner of cities—including my hometown city Read more


Hey-hey! My name is Myroslava (Slava) and I am from Ukraine. In love with food, people and books since 1997. Travelling is my second name. GLOCAL is a perfect continuation of my previous International Relations studies with a slightly bigger emphasis on Economics. I am happy to share this 2 year trip with people of more than 20 other nationalities, but with a shared view of making the world a better place, either globally or locally. Read more



Hi, I am Mint just like Peppermint. I am 25-year-old from Bangkok, Thailand. My education background was in journalism and mass communication. I love to venture out to the world, my first experience was in an international youth camp in North Korea back in 2002 and many more camps afterward. I have been volunteering in many youth-related organizations, as a way to pass on the opportunities that I got. Read more



I’m Mashiyat, a 21-year-old born and bred in the densest city in the world (otherwise known as Dhaka, Bangladesh). I received my crash-course in life when I moved to Singapore at the age of 11; where I discovered that there are more things to worry about than Pokémon and reality TV (i.e. how talented Bangladeshis get held back due to corruption and poor institutional quality). Read more



I was born and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand where I mostly spent time in my comfort zone until the age of 17, I had a chance to travel to Brazil and live there for one year as an exchange student. The experiences I got there opened my eyes and had encouraged me to become who I am today, from the youngest daughter in the family to an independent woman who decided to live on her own since 18. This might sound normal for westerners… Read more



I come from a place that feels like the exact midpoint between the Global North and the Global South even though a swift look through the papers confirms it is not. That country will be referred to as an EU NMS, a FSU country, a SG country and at some point we will all realise it is not a CME, neither a LME. Even though I would say I do not identify with it, I know that I would always end up bringing it in the conversation at 4 am. Read more



Born and raised in Taipei. I spent my past few years studied Economics and worked in a film photography gallery. The historical process in darkroom is fascinating. In the meanwhile, I spent my time in an art & cultural non-profit organization as curator. A community centered around the spoken word, music, visual arts, theater. For the rest of the time, I might be in the jungle, ocean, on a longboard, in a festival, or on top of a jeep deep… Read more



Born in Malaysia, spiritually Finnish. I am fascinated with socio-economic inequality& inequity, cults, languages and self-learning, in no particular order.

GLOCAL is a beautiful network of contradictions, where it is routine to have your beliefs, your views and your subconsciously-formed biases mercilessly challenged on a daily basis. It is what I envision the world to be like someday… Read more


Born in London, raised in Nottingham, Erasmus in Finland, undergrad in York, my eyes have always been set on what lies beyond the horizon. Traveling, immigration and globalisation has fascinated me, and is a central part of my family history and identity.

My mother’s father, originally from a Glaswegian shipbuilding family… Read more



I grew up in Medellin with sun, coffee, and music: the Eternal Spring City and home of Paisas who are well known in Colombia for being kind, welcoming and passionate.

Before talking about work and study, I will tell you 3 truths about me:

  • I love cats. The way they walk, the way they love: without invading, without depending, without being possessive.
  • I love to dance. Read More


22/ Islamabad, Pakistan

Hiker/ Writer/ Ice cream Lover/ Soul of a Wanderer

Background: Bachelor of Business Administration

Youth Development Officer at WWF-Pakistan

5 years ago, I was an art aspirant who ended up in a business school. Read more



Hello! it’s Hsiao, born and raised in Taiwan. Majored in Economics during university. Even I quite enjoyed learning economic concepts it’s still too theoretical considering my career plan. I’m actually more interested in banking industry and had my first internship in Citibank.  I also had a freelance job in LocLab translating products of Amazon from English to Traditional Chinese. Read more



Hey hey, that’s Efim calling! I’m from a distant place in the middle of Russian Taiga, called Yekaterinburg, but I spent the last year in Israel, cause I wanted to see the sun. I did my Bachelors in International Management and I speak Russian, English, some German and some Hebrew. I love languages, but ‘music’ is the word that you can hear from me every day. I bring some magic of live music to this world working with Sofar Sounds and I play the guitar. Read more



Hi everyone! I am Joyce from Taiwan. At university, I studied Chinese literature. I went to a grad school and majored in East Asian Studies. To join GLOCAL, I decided to drop out the grad school then started this amazing journey.

There are some wonderful experiences I would like to share. I was an exchange student in UC Davis for a quarter, which inspired me mentally and academically. Read more



Hi, glad you are here to read my introduction! My name is Anna. I´m 24 years old and I have spent the last couple of years in Vienna. There I got my interdisciplinary Bachelor´s Degree in European Economy and Business Management. After two years of working firstly in a municipal utility company and afterwards as a project- and team assistant at an online agency, I decided to go for a new adventure: the GLOCAL experience. Read more



Zdravstvuyte! My name is Andrey Varfolomeev, I am from Moscow, Russia and I am glad to see you on GLOCAL site, also being part of it! It is my pleasure to study in different countries, previously I studied one semester in Finland and now, finally, I am in the UK! I finished Bauman Moscow State Technical University and continued academic career abroad. I studied Innovations – mix of technical and economical subjects… Read more



Hi, everyone! I’m Amanda Zanchetta de Aquino, from Brazil.

My background in International Relations led me to a series of experiences both in the private and public sector related mostly to projects for economic development. My working experiences made me even more passionate about training people and more curious about education for entrepreneurship – not only the kind of entrepreneurship that leads to starting a business, but also to the entrepreneurial initiatives that change and improve society. Read more



I am a Brazilian economist, a waldorf student, a diver, and a dreamer.

I studied in a waldorf school for more than ten years, and that is why I will always be a waldorf student. I did my bachelor’s degree in economics in Federal University of Minas Gerais, I Belo Horizonte, where I have worked for more than three years with research in the urban and regional development field, focus especially in Latin America… Read more



Ciao!! I’m Adua, from the boot-shaped peninsula in southern Europe. Born and raised in a small town, Pordenone, I first escaped Italy at the age of 17 to take part in a one-year high school study program in Canada. At the time I thought this was just the beginning of a life spent living, studying and working abroad. My love and affection for my home country grew with the time. After a Political Science degree at the University of Padua Read more


Hey, I’m Maria and… at this point I usually have hard times introducing myself. The thing is that since my school years I’ve been interested in all sorts of things and tried lots of side hustles: from being a pr-manager to performing mural art in Spain and the USA.

Born and raised in a small town near Moscow, I always felt the urge to broaden my horizons and discover the world around me ( this may sound like a terrible cliche, but that’s how I felt, as many other glocals did actually, as we all have itchy feet :)). That’s why I took part in as many conferences and summer schools on creativity and culture as I could find. Read more