Hej, This is Kexin from Zhejiang, China. My hometown is a coastal city, this may explain the reason why I love seafood so much. I like to experience different cultures as well as communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds. And I always imaging when the epidemic ended, our classmates gathered around the table to discuss globalization issues, welfare system issues, and capitalist system issues. How divorced from reality and deep into the world the sense is. The above are the main reasons why I chose GLOCAL. I am a person who is fond of dancing, traveling, reading biographies, and exploring new kinds of stuff. Recently, after watching many recorded clips of Olympic gymnastics, I have developed an interest in gymnastics. Glocal made me deeply feel the fusion of different cultures. I also deeply remember our Bollywood night, birthday parties, one-day trip in Glasgow’s semester. Everyone in Glocal is very unique and kind, just like my brothers and sisters, who always encourage me and push me to challenge myself. How lucky I am to become a GLOCALer.