Hi! I am Chestnut, from Mainland China, studying on pathway A (Glasgow-Barcelona-Rotterdam) 😀 For my bachelor’s degree, I studied pharmacy and English. My major might be the one that has the farthest relation with GLOCAL. Though interested in multinational business for years, I didn’t choose to step into the Master’s phase directly after graduation. Instead, I worked in an AirCon company while checking whether my passion for this field comes from the deepest heart or is just on a whim. In the past two years, I traveled to many European countries on business trips, which enabled me to shape a broader outlook on multicultural exchanges and enriched my personal experiences. I really love this job and wanna pursue further development in international trade and business. Occasionally, I found GLOCAL on UB official website and felt that it is the best suit for me: course design, visions, and ILOs, semester mobility… everything about GLOCAL attracted me so much… Then, as you see now, I become part of the GLOCAL cohort! I had many internships in various industries before this full-time job, such as hrm, tourism, and educational consultancy. When I was in university, I also spent much time on entrepreneurial projects. For instance, I helped retrieve the local tea industry by developing new by-products and using updated marketing strategies and solved the problems of oily stains with newly-researched botanical medicine material. The most fantastic part of GLOCAL, I would say, is my amazing and adorable classmates! I like them soooooo much! Each of them has rich educational or professional experiences, and they are knowledgeable, thoughtful, warm-hearted, and considerate. Their stories are really fascinating (even more than the program itself, lol). Sometimes when I felt stressed and clueless about the academic assignments, I reached out to them for help and hints. They do teach me a lot 🙂 BTW, I am a fan of K-Pop and two of my classmates are also chasing for BTS. Tbh, I felt excited and also encouraged when I knew this haha: I can survive these two years with their company!!!