Meet GLOCAL VI (2022-2024)

Hello! We are GLOCAL cohort VI, welcome to our introduction page. We are 41 people from all across the globe. You can learn more about the wonderful people who make up our cohort here.

Ana Francia Ortiz Quijada - Mexico

Hey ! My name is Ana Francia and I’m from Sonora, a desertic state in northern México. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, where I focused my research in Creative Industries. GLOCAL has been the perfect program that combines my interest in history and creative industries, while giving me the chance to live in different European cities. My hobbies include listening to musicals, watching every formula one race and, thanks to my time in Scotland, I am now a Whisky lover.

Bella Hsu - Taiwan

I did my B.A. in Taiwan Chengchi University in Japanese and Journalism; had a 1-year exchange in Tokyo, Japan, and 1-year experience of working in marketing. I wanted to explore the relationship between culture and the global economy, so I applied to track D. As for my hobbies, I love taking pictures and videos of my travels and uploading them on YouTube.

Clara Immler - Germany

I’m in GLOCAL Track F (Glasgow, Uppsala, Göttingen) and have a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy & Economics. I love all things textile, making music with others, occasionally memorizing absurd amounts of Shakespeare and, as a proper German, hiking.

Deepika Joshi - Nepal

Hi! My name is Deepika. I come from a small town called Dhangadhi, Nepal. I studied business and finance in my undergraduate degree. I’m a Chartered Accountant by profession and have years of working experience in accounting and investment fields. I chose GLOCAL (Study Track B) because I wanted to be a part of a holistic program that combined business with economics, history, and creativity. I believe GLOCAL will provide me an opportunity to explore different cities and culture and enhance my understanding of global markets and development. I love travelling and spending time in the nature. In my free time, I like to read, meditate, and listen to music.

Diorjica Ranoy - Philippines

Hi! I’m in Track B. I have a background in business and legal studies, with a focus in marketing. I chose GLOCAL because it seemed like the perfect master’s programme to coalesce my technical specialty, my exposure to various creative industries, and my passion for the arts.

Ekaterina Frolova - Russia

Привет! I am Ekaterina from Moscow. I graduated from an art history bachelors and have been working in the cultural sector in Russia and abroad. My second passion has also been international development, which brought me to the UNDP which allowed me to become a youth delegate for G20 in Indonesia in 2022. I never thought I would find a master’s programme able to combine both my sides. Yet here I am: studying varieties of capitalism in Glasgow and looking forward to creative industries in Rotterdam. In my free time I learn Spanish, do yoga and explore local coffee spots.

Elizabeth Prado - Mexico

Hello all, this is Eliza from Track A. For my bachelor’s, I studied International Relations in Guadalajara, Mexico, with a focus on the internationalisation of local governments. Before starting GLOCAL and after graduation, I had the opportunity to work for a couple of years in the International Relations Office of my town. I chose GLOCAL because it gives me the opportunity to continue studying cities in the international arena while also specialising in the creative industries, a field that I’ve always been passionate about but haven’t really explored. For me, that’s what GLOCAL is about—the freedom of figuring out what you want to do with the knowledge and experience you already have and the ones you’re acquiring in the programme hand-in-hand with brilliant people while getting amazed along the way by different countries and cultures.

Era Mullaademi - Kosova

Hi 🙂 I’m Era, I come from Kosova. Before coming to GLOCAL I worked on empowering women entrepreneurs in my country. When I’m not in lectures, seminars or reading, I like to go out with my friends, travel, or listen to podcasts.

Eric Tadashi Otsuka - Brazil

I am Eric Tadashi Otsuka. My hobbies are travelling and language learning. I graduated last year from the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, majoring in Chinese language and international studies. I decided to apply for GLOCAL since it is a programme that allows you not only to experience the European education system but also to study at top universities with brilliant minds from different countries.

Faton Zeka - Kosovo

I’m Faton from Track F and I am from Kosovo, a small but lovely place.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and have worked in the banking sector, gaining valuable experience in the field.

I am passionate about conducting research, collecting data, and analyzing information to solve economic and business problems. This has led me to pursue further education and I am currently enrolled in the GLOCAL program.

I believe that this program will provide me with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the global economy and recognize the challenges and opportunities that come with it. I am excited to be part of this program and look forward to sharing my experiences with you all.

My hobbies include running and exploring nature.

Francisco Aguilar - Mexico

Hi! I’m Francisco. I was born in the small west-coast city of Colima, Mexico, but I was raised on the World Wide Web. I am a poet, a professor, and a political activist with a BA in International Relations. My main readers are algorithms, though: I work as an SEO specialist, writing keywords into listings for machines to find them meaningful. I have also worked for several public entities leading their communication strategies to further progressive politics in Mexico and I teach a course in Meme Theory, too. I entered GLOCAL, Track E, because I believe a globalisation for the many is possible if we are willing to channel global solidarity into local action.

Helen Zhu - China

Hi everyone!! My name is Helen Zhu and I am from China. I am studying in Track D (Glasgow-> Barcelona-> Kyoto) of the GLOCAL program and previously studied in the United States  for my Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing Strategies & Analytics. The philosophy of GLOCAL itself is something that really inspired me and I appreciate this special opportunity to meet and learn from people with diverse nationalities, backgrounds, and life experiences. Like Prof Duncan Ross said, we really have the most to learn from each other! Also, being able to live and study in three very different global cities is an amazing process that will enrich me with broader multicultural perspectives and surviving techniques. In my free time, I enjoy travelling with my digital camera, meeting new people with interesting stories, and cooking! I feel so honoured and proud to be a member of the GLOCAL family!!

Ilya Linevich - Belarus

Hello! My name is Ilya, and I come from Belarus, a relatively small country in Europe. I was always interested in the experiences of others and what we might learn from previous generations, so I pursued my degree in history. After spending some time working for a number of NGOs, I decided to pursue a master’s degree. For me, GLOCAL is a unique program, as it offers a bridge between traditional, cold hearted economics and the real-life stories behind the numbers. My study track is F, which gives me the opportunity to explore three completely different countries and the lives of people there.

Israt Jahan - Bangladesh

Hello!!! I am Israt, an explorer and eternal optimist by nature. After completing my Bachelor and Masters in Marketing, I worked for one of the largest FMCG companies in Bangladesh, then joined as a faculty member at Bangabandhu Science and Technology University and worked as a teacher and researcher. GLOCAL caught my attention for its multidisciplinary approach and diversity of the cohort. The multidisciplinary design of GLOCAL program (track-B), which conglomerates the social, and technological dimensions of the emerging world, offers the perfect avenue to enhance my critical thinking skills in creating development-focused solutions through mastering the platform of this epoch. Leveraging the knowledge and skills gained from the Master in Global Markets, Local Creativities, my plan is to create global entrepreneurs with local resources in Bangladesh. Going forward, I plan to embark on a journey to solve social problems through data-driven business practices and policies. Moreover, I am curious (a bit too much, if I may say so) to explore new locations, cuisine, people, movies, and everything else, and I strive to become a better version of myself by pushing my limits and learning from diverse cultures.

Johanna Tesch - Germany

I am Johanna from track C. I am a Hamburger at heart but haven’t lived in my city in Northern Germany in 5 years. During my Bachelor’s degree of European studies, I called Maastricht – “the heart of Europe” – my home. Becoming a GLOCAL student allowed me to broaden my horizons – geographically and academically. Whenever I find time between lectures, seminars and readings, I like to go to the sea to surf, the park to skate or a café to catch up with friends.

Keyan Miao - China

Hello! I am Keyan, currently in track B. I studied Economics and Finance in undergraduate. I love reading, travelling and cooking. My dream is to travel the world and eat global food. In addition, I am also concerned about social issues and often participate in various voluntary activities in my home country. Nice to meet you!

Kwamnandi Gasa - South Africa

Hello, I am Kwamnandi from South Africa and a GLOCALl student on Track B. I did my undergraduate degree in China, where I studied International Economics and Trade, and I joined GLOCAL straight after graduation, and this experience has been nothing short of amazing so far. On my spare time if I am not binge watching k-dramas, I love travelling , reading novels, writing poems and short stories, as well as making and exchanging music playlists with my friends

Laura Neill - Ireland

I’m Laura in study track C, studying in Scotland, Spain and Colombia! Before the programme I studied psychology and I decided to choose GLOCAL as it combined lots of different aspects I’m interested in including sustainability, international business, the economy and creative industries. In my free time I like to roller skate, practise  Muay Thai, dance, learn languages and anything artistic. The GLOCAL programme has been really interesting and gives lots of opportunities to meet people from all over the world – some of us will even be running the Prague half marathon together in April 2022!

Leilt Assefa Gebeyehu - Ethiopia

“ሰላም” < Selam> It means “Hi” in my language

My name is Leilt from Track C. I was born and raised in a beautiful country called Ethiopia. I lived in South Korea for six years where I did my BBA in Mechanical Engineering and International Business Administration. I also worked there in the aviation industry as a Quality Assurance manager. The idea of learning in different countries and getting comfortable with uprooting your life to start a new one every semester is what attracted me the most from GLOCAL. My academic goal after GLOCAL is to facilitate technology transfer between developed and developing countries. My hobbies are  exploring and trying out new things, FOOD, sports ( Zumba and extreme sports), chatting with friends, food, TRAVEL, learning new cultures and oh, did I mention food?

Lourence Balatbat - Philippines

Hi there! My name is Lourence and I’m on the Glasgow-Uppsala-Rotterdam track (Track E). Prior to GLOCAL, I studied political economy and worked in public policy; and I am keen to eventually explore the nexus of governance, business, and development. I love visiting small towns, trying underrated cuisines, and drinking coffee. And if you’re fascinated by making the world a little happier, let’s talk!

Lizeth Riaño - Colombia

Hello, my name is Lizeth and I’m in Track A. I’m the Director and Co-Founder of Collective Impulse, an NGO that provides conditions to convert social transformation, community tourism and peace building initiatives into sustainable enterprises; through impact investing. I studied anthropology at Universidad Javeriana for my undergraduate degree and journalism at Los Andes University for my Masters. Travelling, storytelling and creating strong connections are my key tools for creating change and spreading voices of resilience. In my free time I enjoy hiking, creative writing and photography.

Lorenzo Proetto - Italy

Hi everyone, I am Lorenzo, from Milan. I am in track B and my background is in Business Economics.

I chose the program because of the  interconnection between economics, history and geography, which are my favourite subjects since I was a kid. I love practising sports and listening to many kinds of music.

Louna Igli Takaba - Japan/France

Hi! My name is Louna or Ruuna in Japanese 🙂 I am half-Japanese, half-Moroccan, born in France and raised travelling the world. After studying Finance and Business, I joined GLOCAL track D (UK/SP/JP) to broaden my economic knowledge on specific regions of the world, especially on East Asia. Aside from school, I enjoy networking, learning about technology and I have a fondness for traditional culture and history. My hobbies are horse-riding, reading and having some nice afternoon teas.

Maarten Vanhaverbeke - Belgium/Sweden

I’m Maarten from Belgium/Sweden, I’m on track D, going to Kyoto. I studied Business Engineering : Finance and worked for the European Central Bank. My ambition after the program is to actively be part of strengthening EU-Japan relations.

McKim Jean-Pierre - Canada/United States

Hello! My name is McKim and I am on track E (Glasgow, Uppsala, Rotterdam). I studied International Studies at American University for my Bachelors and have been working in the academic sector within coordinating and strategic planning positions since my undergrad studies (with positions in small non-profits, international non-profits, and universities). I’m a sporty person and like to fill my free time with bouldering, aerial hoop, pilates, and yoga. If I’m not doing sports I’m trying to find my way towards amazing food, because I’m a foodie as well! GLOCAL has been a lovely space to grow as a person and learn with and about people from all over the world.

I’m the manager for the GLOCAL Experience blog 🙂

Mingyue Huang - China

Hihi! I’m studying in Track B and majored in Business English & Business  Studies in China and England. Interpersonal communication is my passion and I’m always curious about the world! I hope you are ready to explore the lives of GLOCALS!

Miyuki Dávila Nagamine - Peru

I’m half Peruvian, half Japanese. I’m one of the few people taking track C in this cohort. I did my undergrad in Business Management.

After working for a while, I decided to leave my stable career in banking to go back to the classrooms and explore different paths. I chose GLOCAL because of two main reasons. First, I’m really interested in innovation as a means for development, and I found very eye-catching the holistic approach that the program takes on this matter. Second, I loved the idea of living in different cities for two years and meeting people from different cultures. I knew from the first meeting we had in Glasgow that I had made the right decision.

I’m a foodie; I enjoy cooking, experimenting, and tasting different food. Additionally, I love doing yoga and dancing.

Nadine Schuller - Austria

Hello servus and hola! My name is Nadine and I am from Austria. Before GLOCAL, I did my BA in Political Sciences at the University of Vienna, following some years working in public administration. Combining my passion for travelling and biodiversity, I now run the start-up Pollinator Ambassadors, which focuses on international pollinator regeneration. Whenever I’m not talking about bio-inspiration, bees, or my favourite periods of art history, you’ll probably find me making prints or in a ceramics studio. I’m always happy to meet people, go dancing and experience new things. Feel free to connect with me via your preferred social media platform!

Nikita Epishin - Russia

Hey, my name is Nikita, study track B (Glasgow, Barcelona, Göttingen). I have always dreamed of creating my own business in the field of international education, and I realised that the GLOCAL programme with its unique courses, international focus and excellent academic staff will help me achieve this goal. I think this programme is the best opportunity for students who want to create something innovative and work independently by developing their own ideas!

Ping-Yi Lin - Taiwan

Hey, future GLOCALs or visitors! I’m Ping-Yi Lin from Taiwan. My bachelor degree is in mass communication, I did documentary about the native people in Taiwan and acted  in a stage drama as well as being the light woman for it. I chose GLOCAL because I love to discover different cultures and thoughts from all these diverse experiences. One of my habits is to bring one of my favourite books when I travel to another country, even if it’s too heavy.

Qing Liu - China

I am in Track A and studied English and international trade for my undergraduate degree. GLOCAL was interesting to me because of it’s mobility. My hobbies are traveling, filming and skating. 

Sensen - China

I am in track B. I like cooking, reading (not that kind of reading…), skiing and hiking. After working as an HR for several years, I chose to be a GLOCAL(my third master degree), which would give me more opportunities to know different cultures and markets. It was not an easy choice for me but I know I made a great choice. Especially after a semester, I realised  more clearly that the most valuable thing I got is the friendship from our GLOCALs. Every minute with them  is vivid, happy, meaningful and unforgettable.

Sheila De Assis - Ecuador/Brazil/United States

Hi! I’m in study track E (institutional change and creative industries) and before the GLOCAL program I studied International Business and Information Systems. I chose this program because it is research based and includes a dissertation where I would get to combine my interests within the realm of institutional change and creative industries. Outside of GLOCAL, I like to DJ, skate, and explore!

Siyu Pan - China

Track B. Business background.

GLOCAL interested me because it offers a platform to connect with people around the world, and to experience local markets across different continents.

Visiting museums/antique shops, and going to open air markets are two of my favourite things to do in every city. Discovering the historic culture and observing the modern daily lives of the local community can always provide me with new perspectives on life.

Sofya Grigoryeva - Russia

Hi! I’m Sofiya from cold Siberia. I always enjoy travelling, meeting interesting people and trying nice dishes from different cuisines. Before GLOCAL, I studied business for a year in Malaysia and then I did my bachelor’s degree in social and human sciences in Japan. Since then I’ve been attracted to learning about new cultures and studying various aspects of society. GLOCAL provides me a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge, pursue my passions and explore new interests. And GLOCAL students have warmly welcomed me to the community.

Reiyo (Stephen) Zhuang - Japan/Canada

Hello! I’m Reiyo, on track F (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇸🇪🇩🇪). I was studying Regional Economics and Demography for my bachelor’s degree. The reason for choosing GLOCAL is to get more insight into the development of regional areas in Japan from a global perspective. I like cooking! And have cooked many Japanese dishes for my course mates. I also do Kendo, a Japanese muscle art, and have a chance to continue in Glasgow and Uppsala.

Taiki Asato - Japan

Hello 🙂

I’m in Track D (Glasgow/Barcelona/Kyoto), I majored in International Relations for my bachelors degree.

I decided to participate in this gorgeous programme because I wanted to widen my possibilities and build the global human-connections!

My hobby is to look for what I want to do and what I can do for our society, through my entire  life!

Thao Pham - Vietnam

I am in track D and I studied Human Sciences before coming to the program. I chose this program as I was fascinated by the fact that I can study in 3 different universities in 3 different countries. I like to cook and binge watch reality tv shows during my free time. I am also the social media manager of @theglocalexperience so feel free to contact me if you want to know more about the student life in the program 🙂

Wei Jen Lu (Jennifer) - Taiwan

Hello! 大家好!I’m Jennifer from Taiwan. I did my bachelor’s degree in Diplomacy before working for a grant-making foundation. Being eager to strengthen my ability to create social impact, I chose to start my GLOCAL journey. After one semester in Glasgow, I would say it is definitely a life-changing experience! As part of GLOCAL, I am really grateful to be inspired by the courses, the people, and the cities every day (and I enjoy it a lot!)

Yan Qian Shi - China

I am on track E. I studied economics in undergrad, and I chose this program because it allowed me to experience different cultures. My hobbies are swimming, travelling, and watching movies for sure!

Yaquelín Samper Hormaza - Cuba

Hi everyone!

My name is Yaquelín, but all my friends call me Jackie. I’m from Cuba, a small island in the Caribbean. I graduated in International Relations in 2019. I worked for 2 years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the private consultancy AUGE to boost entrepreneurship in Cuba.

Pursuing a master’s was  my next professional goal and GLOCAL was the best choice.

I am in track A (Glasgow, Barcelona and Rotterdam). I had never been abroad, so GLOCAL has opened new and challenging opportunities and experiences. But, the most exciting thing has been sharing this program with amazing people from all over the world.

I love talking and hanging out with my friends, dancing, watching movies, and playing board games.

Ziyi Xiong - China

I’m on track E, my undergraduate major is investment. I am really interested in cultural industry and I want to explore different countries’ cultural economies, including comics, fiction, animation, games and so on.