Meet GLOCAL III (2019-2021)


¡Hola! I’m Jean from Nicaragua. I studied Marketing and Advertising because I consider myself a very creative and broad-minded person, so I sought to cultivate my abilities in an innovative and creative industry. Also, since I have always been eager about numbers and businesses, I later started a second major in Business Administration. Read more!


Hello friends! My name is Islam, I’m 24 and from Almaty, Kazakhstan. I graduated international relations studies in Kazakhstan, but have already had two exchange semesters in Spain and Republic of Korea. Have almost two years working experience at the American Chambers of Commerce in Kazakhstan. Since my working experience involves business communication, I like to talk to people and study different languages. Read more!


Hee! My name is Tynke. I was born in the Netherlands, and have lived there nearly my entire life. I’ve completed my undergraduate degree in Public Administration at the University of Tilburg, where I also participated in several extra-curricular programs. During my undergrad, I have studied International Relations and Security for half a year at Sciences PO – Campus de Reims. Because I am passionate about Public-Private relationships, I felt GLOCAL would give me the edge… read more!


Hello! I am Prajna from Kerala, a southern state in India. Having grown up in Dubai, I thought moving to India for my undergraduate studies was a huge step; here I am now in GLOCAL, moving across three European countries in 2 years!

Given that my high school diploma was in commerce and business, and my undergraduate degree was a triple major specializing in literature, history and philosophy, I feel like this program was the perfect fit for everything I am interested in. Read more!


Hey there! I am Silvi. Born in the progressive city of Bogotá in Colombia. I have lived and worked in countries such as The Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Malta, and Colombia. I consider myself a global citizen who loves sports, dancing, socialising, learning languages, and traveling. I have mainly worked in the third sector in  project management and coordination. However, if you should know something about me is that I love animals and I am an environmentalist by nature. Read more!


Hey! My name is Merle and I come from a small village in northern Germany. However, my “wanderlust” has repeatedly led me abroad, so I associate different places with different aspects of “home.” I love exploring other parts of the world, their people, traditions, and food. Therefore I am so grateful that I get to know the incredible hospitality of the Glaswegians, the delicious seafood of Barcelona, and the infamous student-life of Göttingen. Read more!


Hi! My name is Lisa and I am from the Netherlands. I studied History at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, with a focus area of International Relations. As part of this course, I did my Erasmus in Münster (Germany). I recently graduated, but I was always looking for a way to broaden my horizon further than just studying history. After encountering the GLOCAL programme I was immediately excited because of the interesting courses and opportunities the different universities have to offer… read more!


Hi, I am Tamuna and I am from Georgia! For my bachelor’s, I chose an interdisciplinary social sciences program at Free University of Tbilisi. This program was the most challenging and, at the same time, the most extraordinary thing I have ever done. During those four years, alongside with having anxiety attacks and overestimating the number of electives I could handle per semester, I also managed to translate a book about urban economics, write a BA thesis about Instagram and art museums…read more!


Hey everyone! I am Liya from Russia (Moscow, Kazan). Prior to GLOCAL, I studied International Economics in Moscow and went to Strasbourg for a semester abroad. I also volunteered in Indonesia and Sri Lanka where I worked on projects related to tourism and social entrepreneurship. Later I was engaged in the promotion of responsible tourism in Russia willing to show the genuine soul of the country. Read more!


Hey! I am Lilac (passport name Yichao, there is a funny story about why I named myself Lilac when I was about 14, but let us just skip it) and I was born and raised in China. Before GLOCAL, I had in total 20 days travelling abroad experience, so this is my first “official” experience living abroad! …read more!


Hi there! I’m Jinny from Bangkok, Thailand (and if you know something about Thailand, you’ll know that that’s my nickname — it’s a tradition to have nicknames besides real names which are often too complicated…) I also spent around a third of my life in Japan, where I studied my undergrad in economics… Read more!


Heyah guys! I’m Esmeralda, 22 years old and a true ‘Rotterdammer’ as they call the local inhabitants of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I’m a very ambitious, chirpy, social, curious, sporty woman, who is always in for anything and loves to go out with friends. Besides that, I love to travel, which makes this master programme perfect for me. Read more!


I’m Alina, 24, I was born in Romania, I have lived and studied in four countries so far – Romania, Poland, Germany, UK and (at least) two more to come. I have an academic background in social sciences, with a focus on culture, a professional background in marketing and communications. Passionate about the society, the human mind, lifelong learning, art. Read more!



Hello! Kamusta? I am Aya, a passionate development worker from the Philippines. I acquired a BA in International Studies and a MA in Public Administration. Earlier on, I was immersed in several international youth exchange programs both as a student and as a Philippine Youth Ambassador of Goodwill. Read more! 

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