Meet GLOCAL I (2017-2019)


Hello, this is Indonesia calling! Shima Trisna here, serving Javanese realness and plenty of tropical sunshine. My happy place is Bali and I’m besotted with Scandinavian culture. I love to travel and study foreign languages. Je parle Français (I speak French) at an intermediate level and jag lär mig Svenska (I learn Swedish) with the help of Swedish TV show like Melodifestivalen…  Read More 



24, London (UK)

At University I studied Economics, played Lacrosse (terribly) and drank one or two beers. After graduating I worked a soul-destroying stint in loans insurance, decided it wasn’t for me and fled to South East Asia to ‘find myself’… Read More



Hi guys! This is Shreya from Bangladesh and am super excited to be a part of this GLOCAL programme and be able to meet all the cool people participating in this. To provide some background about myself: I am a 22 year old Business Economics graduate from the City University of Hong Kong. Before applying to this programme, I was working in a social enterprise in Hong Kong called ANA by KARMA…Read More 


DOB: 14/05/1993
From: Dublin, Ireland

I did my undergraduate in European Studies at Trinity College Dublin, with one year spent on Erasmus in Sevilla in Spain. It was a really broad course, where I did two languages (Spanish and Russian) as well as topics in history and philosophy. After college, I did a marketing/events internship with Red Bull… Read More.

Lia circulo cvLia

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I discovered at an early age that traveling is the best teacher. Graduated as an economist specialized in creative industries, I started developing politics to promote the music industry in Buenos Aires from a full-time position in the public sector. Besides, I funded my own agency to promote Latin American artists… Read More



Hi, I am Patricija.

I come from Lithuania, however the last 5 years I have spent in Scotland. My Business and Digital Media degree has lead me to the career in advertising. The focus of my time in advertising agency was mainly on the promotion of iconic Scottish whiskies…       Read More



Age: 29 City: Novi Sad Country: Serbia

What’s your background?
In short: writer, economist, and everything in-between. So far, I worked as a communal inspector, freelance copywriter, social media manager and administrative specialist. Also, I published a novel that won a literary prize, as well as a dozen short stories… Read More 



Made and Raised in Pakistan but a proud global citizen: Hello, this is Paras Pitafi. I am a business graduate with majors in ‘Entrepreneurship’ from Institute of Business Administration Karachi. Last year, I was searching for a programme which would be an amalgamate of economics, sustainable business development, globalization, entrepreneurship, innovation, emerging sectors… Read More 


The Agressive Sivhuang Lay

Cambodian – 24

From a person who trembled at the thought of leaving home to the one who is now always excited to be in different places, years of mobilizing between countries for both study and work has taught how valuable multicultural environments are to discover new horizons. My name is Sivhuang, a Cambodian national who wants to be an “entrepreneurial economist”, an economist who takes into account human creativity and entrepreneurship as inputs and determinants of long-term economic growth.

Several sentences to summarize “me”… Read More 



Name: Ching-heng Tu (just call me Melody is okay)

City and Country: Taichung City, Taiwan

The last place I lived was: Taipei City

Undergraduate: Library & Information Science, MA: National Development

Past jobs: Research assistant in Academia Sinica, International Sales Representative… Read More 



25, from Moscow, Russia

What’s your background?

Graphic designer, good at making presentations (as a designer, not as presenter). Member of a startup that helps developing of small and medium sized brands in Russia. Love my project. 

What is GLOCAL?  Read More 


Photo_Louise Sträuli

(25) from Zürich, Switzerland

I studied History, Philosophy, and Slavonic Linguistics and I have a half-baked Master’s degree in ‘World Society and Global Governance’. I was given many possibilities to learn new languages and music instruments, get to know new cultures, organize events and academic excursions, interact with society and advocate for student groups.

What is GLOCAL?

The composite word GLOCAL stands for a composite interdisciplinary course of study that is still in the process of composition… Read More 



Hi everyone. My full name is Aida Constanza Gomez Valderrama. I’m from Bogota, Colombia, and I’m 24 years old.

My bachelor is in business administration and my focus has been in entrepreneurship, CSR, and sustainability. I have worked organizing archives in my family’s enterprise, with the establishment of a business, and in a bank…Read More 


What is GLOCAL? GLOCAL is state-of-the-art, studying capitalism and the world economy at the brink of profound global challenges.

Why GLOCAL? I want to learn about migrant entrepreneurship, global economic processes and a historic perspective of what is happening now regarding the world economy. Furthermore, I love three vibrant cities in the heart of Europe, and to understand what capitalism actually means in its many forms and ways it shapes our lives. Read More 

Liadan photo


My name is Liadán, I’m 22 and from Cork, Ireland. My Bachelor degree is in Hispanic and German Studies; as part of this course, I spent an Erasmus year in Leipzig, Germany, where I developed an interest for global and urban issues.

Before starting GLOCAL, I spent several months in Hamburg, where I was working for the UNESCO… Read More


My name is Christina Kopanou and I come from the sunny Greece. Until the age of 17 I was living in Athens when I moved to (the not so sunny) Scotland for my undergraduate degree. I studied Joint Economics and Economic & Social History at the University of Glasgow. I really enjoyed the course, especially the second part of my degree as the teaching staff was always very friendly and supportive. My first work abroad was at charity shops… Read More 



\ Noun\ Colombian\ Barranquillera

When they asked us to create this BIO I was confused because even though I know me, I’m still trying to figure it out who I am and what I want to be. That’s why I’m here describing myself like this, because like a dictionary I can give you the overall, BUT the details about me are something that you discover when you get to know meRead More



24. Cairo, Egypt.

I double majored in Political Economy & Marketing Communication for my undergraduate studies, spent some time of my undergrad at SciencesPo Menton, France. For two years after graduation, I worked 6 full-time & part-time jobs – not all at once, of course; history teacher, marketer, project coordinator, business development officer, researcher and fitness instructor… Read More 


I am a student of Anthropology and Linguistics. I have worked with neighbourhoods to plan and implement economic development projects, as well as studying how art can communicate science. My neighbourhood work made me want to help people do more in their communities. In the GLOCAL program, I hope to study how globalization and development policies effect communities… Read More 



I am Ukrainian with Vietnamese origin and I am 21 years old. My undergraduate is International relations. I had an internship in the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine and I was an account manager for PR agency Noblet Media in Kyiv. I am very good at geography quizzes, I can name you all the flags and capitals, really love history, especially about Soviet Union… Read More



Originally born in Lecce, Italy, whenever I am asked where I am from, things get different. The right question should be, as Taiye Salasi suggests in this video, “don’t ask where I am from, ask where I am a local” My name is Agata and, hitherto, I am a local in Venice, Berlin, Glasgow, Barcelona and Göttingen. I am a European and global citizen at the same time: travels in Egypt and Madagascar pushed me to apply for GLOCAL two years ago…Read More 

Annie8d6f763c-d0f0-4be3-8349-137d2dbeda8f 3.png

Hello hello, visitors to the GLOCAL Experience website. I’m Annie, I am 23 years old and originally from Honolulu, Hawaii.

I have a degree in Media, Globalization and Multinational Governance from New York University. My broad interdisciplinary study as an undergraduate has lead me to a number of professional experiences in the past few years… Read More

Diego PicDiego

Made in Arequipa (Peru), crafted in California, and proud world citizen. Life taught me that the key to happiness is to find the beauty in small everyday details and value every moment, no matter how trivial they may seem.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in business economics, with minors in humanities and marketing. While pursuing my undergraduate degree… Read More