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Rebuilding New Orleans Post-Katrina: gentrification and community identity

The (ongoing) resurrection of New Orleans has been a long and painful process. It is a significant example to understand the competing forces that reshape post-industrial port-cities during and after catastrophic climate events. By (re)positioning community at the heart of redevelopment plans, New Orleans has shown how to mitigate these risks. Resilience and recovery lies in empowerment and social inclusion; as New Orleans – and the world – faces off against another, far greater threat from COVID-19, this may be a lesson worth remembering.

how is the Covid-19 crisis affecting colombia?

On 26th March 2020, in tune with the global crisis released by the spread of the coronavirus, Colombia entered into a quarantine that has been lately extended until May 11th. Currently, the country has confirmed 6211 cases and 278 deaths. These are the official numbers, however, the lack of evidence, medical capacity, equipment damage, inefficiency, etc. suggest that there are many more cases than those presented.