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This blog is a multidimensional, multi-media documentation of our 2-year experience of GLOCAL. It started as an initiative by GLOCAL Cohort I in the Glasgow University Union Bar in 2017, when 32 of them arrived in Glasgow from all around the world. They decided to start a blog to record their thoughts, interactions and life during their Glasgow-Barcelona-Rotterdam or Glasgow-Barcelona-Göttingen mobility.

Cohort I and the program lecturers

Afbeelding met persoon, binnen, plafond, groep

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Watch this video for Cohort I’s experience in Glasgow

Cohort II at the University of Barcelona

Afbeelding met buiten, persoon, gebouw, mensen

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The blog has passed from the Cohort I to Cohort II and is currently managed by Cohort III. GLOCAL students are incredibly diverse in terms of their professional and academic background, nationalities, and personalities – but we all share a similar passion about the topic of globalization and creativities. Especially how they interact with and influence the local level! Starting from 2020, the GLOCAL program offers 7 Pathways to welcome students from even more diverse backgrounds to pursue their academic and professional interests.

Cohort III in Glasgow City Chambers

We (Cohort III) are 36 students from all over the world with backgrounds in economy, international relations, business administration, art, history, journalism, public sector, law, etc., but now we are all GLOCALs. We want to give you an insight into our daily lives and the interesting topics we encounter at university and from interaction with each other. Each cohort and each person will have their own GLOCAL experience, so get ready to read contents about academic work, social events, creative thoughts and our experience about the mobilities. How we feel, what we experience, what we miss from home, what we find here that is similar as home, what we eat and where we go. Stay tuned for a great variety of different stories, brought to you by members of every imaginable cultural background, language and nationality, which can only be summarize by ‘GLOCAL’.

Afbeelding met persoon, poseren, groep, foto

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Afbeelding met gebouw, persoon, buiten, mensen

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving
Cohort III in front of the University of Barcelona

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