Hola a todos! I grew up in a small and lovely town in Honduras, Central America. What has filled my heart the most since I was little is helping others, especially underprivileged people. I have volunteered as a translator for numerous international medical brigades in remote parts of Honduras since I was in 8th grade. For what has been now more than ten years of volunteering. These volunteering experiences captivated me to be part of a non-profit organization in the executive assistant position working closely with the Chief Executive Officer and Board Members from the United States for almost two years after graduating from international relations at the Universidad Tecnologica Centroamericana (UNITEC). The experience in the non-profit sector plus my internship at the Mission of Honduras to the United Nations and other International Organizations based in Geneva, Switzerland increased my interest in sustainability and economic development. GLOCAL is the program I always prayed for! I love traveling & pictures (sunset lover), cooking desserts, playing sports, and getting to know other cultures and people from all over the world. Before joining the GLOCAL family, I turned one of my hobbies into a business. I became an entrepreneur of the first bakery shop online in my town, which inspired other people to open up their bakeries and shops online. One of my biggest dreams in life is to start an organization to provide fundamental human rights to Honduran children. I believe that education is the key to achieving many things in life and children are the future. I want to be part of providing opportunities to those who have limited or no access. I am confident that Glocal will provide me the necessary skills to achieve this dream ๐Ÿ™‚