Hola! I am Carolina from Colombia. I lived in Bogota, the capital city, a very big (rather cold to Colombian standards) city in the Andean Mountains. My study track is in sustainable business development and I am very happy to be the first cohort to go to Bogota as part of the program… I am ready to be the local guide! As for my experience, I’ve worked both in the public and tourism sectors, and now I want to work towards achieving more sustainable practices in business and human activities.

I love travelling and meeting new people. For me, travelling is about discovering all the mysteries of the place, learning the history, the language, the customs… One way to achieve this is by living “their experience”, through the people and the stories they tell. GLOCAL gives you the opportunity of being a “local” in several places, but overall it gives you the chance to connect with awesome human beings from around the world, professional and personal wise. You learn from the places you visit and, mostly, from the people you share your experience with.

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