Introducing Maryam

Hi everyone! My name is Maryam and I’m from Pakistan. Dreamer by day and thinker by night, I spend quite a lot of time in my head. I love a good challenge and anything creative inspires me! One of my hobbies is making handmade jewellery and gifts, which I turned into a small business venture at age 14. While I’m an introvert, I have a penchant for adventure and travel and am always up for trying something new.

My background: I’ve had a colourful childhood, having lived in 5 different cities across 4 countries (the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan), and visited many more. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree last year in Business and Management from the University of London, undertaking their international programme while living in Islamabad, Pakistan. After that, I spent a year at a Fortune 500 company working as a financial journalist for the real estate and private equity sectors. This experience gave me a front row seat to the worlds of economics, finance and current global market dynamics. It was also quite fascinating observing the real-time effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on different industries and players. Apart from that, I have dabbled in social media and digital marketing, freelance content writing, and even co-founded a clothing line. I also have a small personal travel blog on instagram. 

I am incredibly excited to have begun the GLOCAL adventure with the new pathways that have been introduced, the extraordinary people I will get to meet and all the rich knowledge I will hopefully gain over the next 2 years. Despite the unforeseen hurdles 2020 has brought us, I am sure we will manage to work with what we have and create a truly memorable and life-changing experience for ourselves.

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