Hey there! I’m Linus, born in a small, cozy town in the center of Germany. Growing up with the Atlas as my favorite book and Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth as my favorite movie –ask my parents- I always had the desire to see and eventually understand some of the things that happen around us. This passion motivated me to go to India and Australia during my school years and ultimately made me study International Relations as well as Economics for my undergraduate degree. During my bachelor’s studies, I had the chance to work on the issues that are most important to me: social injustice, climate change, and environmental degradation. I worked for several years in an international solar company and interned in a human rights organization in Zimbabwe and the German Development Bank in the team Natural Resources and Climate Change. Driven by the same ideational motives, I am now happy to study the GLOCAL pathway F “Global Political Economy,” which allows me to explore the subjects of political economy, international relations, and sustainability in a highly interdisciplinary fashion. Besides academia and work, I am a sport and traveling enthusiast, which often results in long biking or hiking trips. Luckily Scotland, Sweden, and Germany are not the worst places for this!