Hello, everyone. My name is Daniya. I come from the largest city of Kazakhstan – the beautiful city of Almaty. The city is located in the footsteps of mountains, which supply us with water, create a beautiful view and block free airflow. I am studying on track D, Industrial Dynamics and Sustainability. Let’s hope the little story next will help explain what made me choose this track. As a child I spent every school break in the countryside at my grandfather’s place, where we spent 1-2 hours every day fetching water or spend the whole day herding cattle, playing and helping in the garden. One day, we had to change our usual route to a watering place because of a toxic smell, to later find out that the only lake we had was destroyed by the factory nearby. Then I would go back home and enjoy the comfort of city life. Such drastic changes in lifestyle and the attitude of people towards people made me think. Is ecological disaster a reasonable price of economic development? Do the benefits of economic development outweigh environmental security? Is it the fault of capitalism or lack of democracy in my country? Do we blame the government, the people or the industry? Who is going to hold who accountable and who is going to pay the price? I applied for GLOCAL to find answers to my questions, and learn how we can change for the better.

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