Hello! I’m Giullianna 😊 I grew up in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, but my family is from Brazil and Italy #multiculturalchild. I completed my undergrad in Economics and Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University in Chicago and absolutely fell in love with the idea of understanding and further exploring the experience of businesses and individual economic actors within local and global systems. I’m especially interested in looking at the role and impact of culture on the decision-making process at both the individual and business level as well as understanding how both of these actors act and react within the larger local and global systems they’re embedded into. These interests led me to GLOCAL (track B)! Apart from academia, I absolutely love Latin dancing, coffee, sangria, sweets, pasta and cheese! I’m also up for impromptu get-togethers and travel plans about 85% of the time. The remaining 15% I’m probably napping or on Netflix.