Welcome all! My name is Aslı. The world has circumvented around the sun 24 times since I was born. I enjoy cheese, cakes, anis, and orange flavoured liquors, obscure literature, contemporary visual arts, electronic-based variations of jazz and funk, 15 minutes youtube videos, eating food for hours around rectangular tables, long walks in deserted urban spaces, thorough scrutiny of the views from afar, reading, writing, swimming, dancing. Mostly, I like to contemplate societal problems in playful imaginary scenarios in which I also try to distinguish between my own agency and social forces. I study in track B, Global Markets and Development. Before, I studied Economics and Management at Istanbul BILGI University where I finished a dual degree directed by the London School of Economics and Political Science. After working in the international office of my university, I got familiar with various Erasmus programmes and undertook two exchanges during my bachelor’s degree. But it was my internship at the Turkish Mission to the United Nations that has reiterated my interest in economic development. It provided a glimpse of the inefficiencies of global capitalism and the bureaucratic challenges of international relations. Longing for a well-rounded knowledge of the social dynamics that are parts of economic indicators, I took various social sciences and humanities courses during my exchange in SciencesPo Paris. Since then, it is important for me to base my economic knowledge on a wide array of scientific branches and research methodologies. GLOCAL’s bird-eye view of global economic and political relations, coupled with the intercultural communication exchange that we engage in every day with our peers, is a reflective journey for future game-changers. And… don’t we need more game-changers for inclusive development?!