Hey, I’m Irina. Born in a small village in Moldova which can be barely found on the map sometimes, moved to Moscow, Russia at the age of five and learned what cultural differences are at a very young age. I graduated with honours from the Russian Presidential Academy with Bachelor in History and with two unfinished languages, German and Swedish, but with a burning desire to make the world a better place. Managed to train in museums and libraries, volunteer for the university journal, and do an archaeological internship in a Sicilian school. 

In-between saving the world and studying in libraries, I try to cook vegetarian food, finish learning the languages and sit on Twitter probably more than one should. 

GLOCAL inspires me in a multitude of ways, from inclusive subjects to amazing classmates. Despite being the COVID Cohort, as we jokingly say, we manage to spend time together and perfectly collaborate as a group.