Hey! You can call me Ana, this is how I introduce myself to international friends to avoid the awkward sound of my second name “Paola”, but I am Paola too. I am proudly Mexican. I had happily lived, studied, and worked in Mexico City my whole life. In the summer of 2019 a surf trip, a yoga practice, and the joke of an asteroid hitting the Earth, made me take a hard look at my life. You know this awakening that most people had during COVID? Well, I feel like I had a head start of about 8 months. And I am grateful for the extra time I had before this craziness. I set out to travel the world (or attempted to!), I worked as a volunteer in different countries and connected again with my passion for Marketing. Marketing? Yes, but not as means to make a profit out of triggering people’s insecurities (as some still do), but rather as a creative force for positive social change. This is how I found GLOCAL. The programme addresses the issues I want to understand deeply to then challenge, I think there is no better time to question the Capitalist mindset which has brought us to where we are globally. To be honest, I do not have all the answers yet, but meeting my brilliant classmates and professors, and being exposed to great thinkers and ideas -all while enjoying some tapas and beers- is the journey that I am on as I try to figure it out.