Hey! I am Celia Yiu from Hong Kong. How thrilling it is to be able to study in Europe for a second time (hopefully we do not need to zoom our way through the degree)! Before joining GLOCAL, I graduated with an MPhil in Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. Upon graduation, I enthusiastically followed my academic interest and joined the hospice team I researched on. As far as I know, nothing is more honourable than accompanying other amazing humans and creatures in their last days of life.

Besides reading GLOCAL, I am volunteering for a UK-based charity supporting development initiatives in East Africa. Back in summer 2018, we had a field trip across Uganda together. During that time, I met many aspiring and creative entrepreneurs who proudly lifted their villages out of abject poverty. Their endeavour resonates with the GLOCAL spirit and has become a source of inspiration for me.

As much as I love travelling and being charmed by the mystery of our world, I believe it is music that genuinely adds texture to everything I see. One of my favourite pastimes at home is improvising with my piano in a room lit only by the setting sun. I would stare at the indigo sky and let the music flow freely from my fingers. The most mesmerizing sky is not the one that reminds us of its haunting beauty. Quite the opposite – we are no longer aware of its presence – we see through it and gaze into the universe.