Strategy and team-building for Creative Cities at the University of Barcelona

For the final session of the Creative Cities class at the University of Barcelona, students gathered at the university’s innovation hub — StartUB! — to play an innovative game of creativity and team-building. 

The game was coordinated by Binnakle Innovation Games, a Barcelona-based company that aims to foster innovation and agility in businesses. 

Students were split into four groups, and were tasked with coming up with creative ways to incorporate the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals into concrete or alternative ideas or policies. The three-hour session culminated with a traditional elevator-style pitch made by a leader from each group, aimed at convincing the rest of the class to vote in favour of their proposition or concept.

Ideas ranged from concrete to abstract, from profit-oriented to legislative change, but ultimately, students were given insight into the world of innovation, business, and social change. Below, we share highlights from the event.