COHORT V: Global Varieties of Capitalism presentations

Varieties of Capitalism is one of three core courses offered at the University of Glasgow during GLOCAL students’ first semester. The seminar offers an introduction into current research on Varieties of Capitalism, emphasizing the role of actors and institutions in economic development, as well as comparing regional varieties in models of capitalism.

As tradition holds, the course culminated with a varied series of group presentations. Students presented to their classmates about a specific case or economic challenge from one of eight regions in the world, providing an historical overview and contextualizing the local institutional framework within the Varieties of Capitalism model. Below are the group projects presented by the GLOCAL V cohort:

1. From Supremacy to Subordination: Cases of Redefined Business Strategies in the Japanese High-Tech Industry

By Bruna, Manu, Pan, Evelina, and Laura

2. Defying the Odds? The Case of Romania's Startlingly Successful Start-Up UiPath

By Melanie, Shufan, Anna, Tejasvini, Ivy, and Junyu

3. How was Bhutan's Capitalism Changed by the Introduction of the GNH Index as the Measurement for National Success?

By Susmi, Hideki, Lu, Jerry, Spencer, and Eunseo

4. Privatization or Monopolization: The Effects of Privatization on the Kazakh Alumina Industry

By Ilayda, Anika, Ella, Conrad, Samuel, and Wei

5. Divergence and Convergence: A Comparative Study of Post-Colonial and Modern-Day Economic Systems in Vietnam and Indonesia

By Cat, Betty, Zizheng, Chaand, and Yan-Yin

6. "Water Capitalism" in Colombia: Explaining Latin America's Hierarchical Market Economy through Water Privatization

By Marité, Jonny, Thaisa, Ken, Ana Maria, and Johan

7. Pandemic Pandemonium: The Effects of MERS and COVID-19 on Saudi Arabia's Institutions

By Ale, Bridget, Nneoma, Yuqi, Chang-lin, and Gabriela

8. Chayes (Splinters) of Colonialism in the Construction of Guatemalan Capitalism

By Jose, Szu-Tung, Nuria, Turana, and Natasha

9. Creative Economy of Nigeria: The Nollywood Case

By Karlijn, Sebo, Sofia, Teo, and Marie

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