Cine GLOCAL : Peek Into The Reels

It was a night of late September in Glasgow and I watched the very first Brazilian film of my life. To my utter surprise, it reminded me of something very close to home & heart. Geographically Brazil is pretty far from the part of the world I come from. Even culturally, the contrasting curve is on rise between Brazil and my country. But yet, a Brazilian film managed to take me closer to the memories I haven’t revisited for a while. That surprise, the intensity of the feeling is probably what they call magic created by art. It transcends borders and boundaries in such an effortlessly beautiful way that you are left touched and amused. 

First Movie Night of Cine GLOCAL

Cine GLOCAL’, the movie night for and by GLOCAL Cohort V, kicked off in the cinema room of Collegeland, which is student accommodation in Glasgow. The first movie we watched was ‘The Second Mother’, a Brazilian movie and yes this is the one I talked about in the introduction. Initially, organizing a movie night for GLOCALs was the idea of Bruna Bauer. Upon being asked about the inspiration and objective of the idea of Cine GLOCAL, Bruna remarked, “We are about 27 different nationalities in our cohort. I knew that we had a lot to learn from each other and the time we spent in the class was not enough. And if we truly want to understand each other’s cultural essence, don’t art, cinema, and discussion lead the perfect way to do so?”

Even though the cohort is now divided into two countries and like Glasgow we do not get to see all 52 of us together, I think, this Cine GLOCAL was just the perfect initial way to be acquainted with each other’s culture. To sum up, I’d like to quote Bruna again, as she says, “To fantastic food, art and debates!” 

Movies watched in Cine GLOCAL:


The Second Mother ( Country: Brazil, Language: Portuguese)

Asu Mare (Country: Peru, Language: Spanish)

Good Bye Lenin (Country: Germany, Language: German)

Sugar Rush (Country: Nigeria, Language: English/ Yoruba)

The Wind Rises (Country: Japan, Language: Japanese)

The Scent of Green Papaya (Country: France/Vietnam, Language: Vietnamese)

Tremors (Country: Guatemala, Language: Spanish)

Runway (Country: Bangladesh, Language: Bengali)