Introducing: Anna

Anna / 24 / Austria

Hi, glad you are here to read my introduction! My name is Anna. I´m 24 years old and I have spent the last couple of years in Vienna. There I got my interdisciplinary Bachelor´s Degree in European Economy and Business Management. After two years of working firstly in a municipal utility company and afterwards as a project- and team assistant at an online agency I decided to go for a new adventure: the GLOCAL experience.

For me GLOCAL is the most diverse, exciting, generalist but at the same time specific master program possible. Time to think about and reflect what´s going on in the world. Time to meet amazing people from all over the globe. Time for a life-changing experience in three amazing cities that will broaden my own worldview.

Besides getting daily inspiration in work or study I like to enjoy life. Enjoying good food, interesting books, talks with nice people, travelling to new places; a glass of wine, a campfire at night, or a good story – there are so many big and small things that make life incredible. Let´s enjoy them together!