Introducing: Andrey

Zdravstvuyte! My name is Andrey Varfolomeev, I am from Moscow, Russia and I am glad to see you on GLOCAL site, also being part of it! It is my pleasure to study in different countries, previously I studied one semester in Finland and now, finally, I am in the UK! I finished Bauman Moscow State Technical University and continued academic career abroad. I studied Innovations – mix of technical and economical subjects, so I know a little bit about physics and inspired by space. By the way, I love history, economics, politics, so that’s why I have chosen GLOCAL! I think that programis ideal for those who want to live in the whole world and discover it, who wants to be a citizen of the world. I hope that I will find friends here and make more steps forward to my own business. I have huge work experience, I have worked since 14 years old, I cleaned cars, worked in a factory, warehouse, office, also worked as a teacher, logistics operator, cashier, sales assistant. I know what is to work hard and I want it!  Good luck and see you on GLOCAL!