Meet GLOCAL V (2021-2023)

Hi! We are GLOCAL Cohort V. We are an international family of 51 beautiful souls, representing 28 different nationalities. We started our GLOCAL journey in Glasgow in September 2021, and we are now in Barcelona or Uppsala.

Alejandra Cruz - Colombia

Hey! This is Ale from Colombia and I’m in Track C. Before GLOCAL, I studied Economics and International Business and also worked for multinational companies in Supply-chain-related areas. I chose GLOCAL to take a more holistic approach in my career and to learn more about topics like sustainability, diversity, globalization, and languages. With GLOCAL, I am shaping my life through the new friends I meet, some wonderful trips, and lots of intellectually enriching experiences. 


Ana Maria Pua Olivo - Colombia

Hola a todos! I am Ana from Cartagena, a beautiful warm city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. I did my bachelor’s degree in International Business and then worked for about 3 years in the marketing field for two tech startups. The first one being an agriculture tech company, and the second one a French health start-up. I really love the warm weather and the sunny beach days, but GLOCAL has brought me to Glasgow, Uppsala and Rotterdam, three stunning towns with so much to discover.

Anika Shahjabin - Bangladesh

Hello!!! I am Anika, an adevnturer and optimisst at heart. I am curious (A bit too much, if I must say) to explore new places, cuisine, people, movies and whatnot and, thrive to become a better version of myself by pushing my edges and learning from different cultures. After completing my Bachelor in Finance, I worked for the largest NGO in the world (BRAC), a healthcare startup (Maya) and finally at the European Parliament, and found my passion in the intersection of Analytics, Business and Social models. I believe these sectors are not so distinct, we can do so more by focusing on their growing interdependence in a post-pandemic world. Hence this program caught my attention for its multidisciplinary approach and diversity of the cohort. Going forward, I plan to embark on a journey to solve social problems through data-driven business practices and policies.

Anna Dodd - Canada

I am from a city on an island on the west coast of Canada, called Victoria. Before starting GLOCAL, I worked in the fields of journalism, politics, and professional communications. I applied to GLOCAL because I am interested in the way global economic structures impact local communities. In my undergrad, I studied political science and political economy. Hobbies and interests include yoga and fitness, writing, reading, pop culture, and partaking in a sociable drink (or two) amongst friends!

Bridget Bofinger - United States

Hi everyone! My name is Bridget and I spent most of my life in Texas before this program. Since studying abroad in 2014, I have dreamed about doing a grad school program in Europe. GLOCAL provided a very natural fit, combining my experience in business and communications with my desire to develop a global perspective in economics and history. Every day, I am inspired by my classmates, and I am so grateful to be part of GLOCAL.

Bruna Bauer - Brazil

Oi! I am from Rio de Janeiro, and I consider myself a proud Latin American woman. I hold a bachelor’s degree in International Strategic Management, and my previous experience is in the fields of social development, management, and corporate social responsibility. I decided to apply to GLOCAL because I knew that it would provide me with the tools to promote social changes through multidisciplinary learning. In fact, the programme goes beyond and promotes a cultural and global immersion, since we learn deeply from each other. Here, I get the theoretical learning and connect to brilliant people.

Chaand Taneja - India

Hello my name is Chaand and I come from a small town called Faridabad, India. I am a Young India Fellow with a MA in entrepreneurial leadership and strategy. I ran my own mysical events platform before joining the GLOCAL. With this program, I wanted to hop onto the opportunity to meet people from all over the world as well as understand more about creative industries outside of India. I am loving my experience so far and cannot wait for what’s in store further!

ChangLin Yiin - Taiwan

Hi! I’m Chang-Lin from Taipei, Taiwan. I studied Commercial Design for my undergrad, and had a few years of experience working in a publishing and event planning company. I love traveling and being emersed in new environments and different cultures. GLOCAL provided me a holistic perspective of how the world operates and combines my creative background with my desire to work in NGOs.

ChiaLi Lin - Taiwan

Hi! This is Chia-Li from Taiwan and I’m on track E. I came to GLOCAL the same year after I graduated from the university. I have a bachelor’s degree in international business administration. I love art and have always wanted to work in the creative industry, so I thought track E was the perfect next step for me. And so far, it has been such a wonderful experience 🙂

Conrad de Jager - South Africa

Hi 🙂 I am Conrad de Jager from Pretoria, South Africa. I completed my honours degree in Financial Accounting. I was intrigued by the opportunity to study at multiple Universities in Europe and took the chance and enrolled. GLOCAL has been great in giving me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and improve my adaptability.



Ella Ekström - Sweden

Hiya! I am Ella, born and raised in a tiny village in the Swedish countryside. I’ve always loved history, and especially economic history, since I think it’s crucial to study history in order to understand as well as solve current problems on different levels. I’ve two undergrads: one in economic history and one in political science. I chose GLOCAL because its a perfect mix of those two subjects, but also because of the great diversity of people in the class: both from different parts of the world as well as from various disciplines. Furthermore, I’ve a special passion for women’s rights issues in the labour market. I hope I’ll end up fighting for women’s rights after I’ve graduated. This programme provides a perfect ground for these kinds of issues.

Eunseo Song - South Korea

Annyeong! I’m Eunseo in GLOCAL track E 🙂 This journey of being part of GLOCAL cohort 5 has been beyond my expectations and I’m excited to share a bit here. Born and raised in South Korea, I moved to the States in high school. Since then, I’ve been wanderlust and lived in many countries. I have a journalism background and have worked in the communications and sustainable development sectors. In this sense, GLOCAL is a perfect match for me to explore three European countries and cultures and to study my topic of interest with amazing friends all around the world. 

Gabriela Varejão - Brazil

Olá! I am a Brazilian, majored in Public Administration, and have worked in public and private institutions in the customer support and finance field. I believe that each of us has a duty as global citizens to create sustainable actions towards a better future for our planet. I had recently started to chase this responsibility within my professional career when I began the GLOCAL international master’s degree focused on Sustainability: Institution and Management (Track G). This delightful experience has allowed me to get to know new people from different cultures and acquire knowledge to retribute to society.

Hideki Yoshikawa - Japan

Hi, I am Hideki from an ancient capital of Japan, Nara. Being fascinated by the study of economic and business history, I thought GLOCAL is a good fit for me. I am very interested in technologies, not only the cutting-edge ones but also the history of technologies. Glasgow has a museum of transportation history, the Riverside Museum, and I highly recommend visiting there. What I like about this programme is that people from diverse backgrounds actively voice their opinions and are willing to learn from each other.

Ilayda Tenim - Turkey

Hellö! I’m Ilayda, a young wonderer in love with the beauty of the mundane. During my bachelor’s, I studied Business Management and Film Studies. Before GLOCAL, I worked for start-ups specializing in AI and AR/VR technologies. I spent one year in Tokyo, Japan during my exchange in undergrad and chose GLOCAL Track D to see what Kyoto has to offer next. Through GLOCAL, I aspire to incorporate my academic teachings and creative curiosities to exert a sustainable impact in whichever country I end up in. I’m very passionate about Okinawan history, photography and bachata. Oh, and I love frogs.

Johan Velasco - Colombia

Hi, I’m Johan Velasco, a Colombian anthropologist and I’m part of GLOCAL in the track D. Glasgow, Barcelona, Kyoto. I’m interested in qualitative research, digital ethnography and imagined futures.

Jonny Amon - United States

Hi, my name is Jonny Amon and I am from Daytona Beach, Florida. In GLOCAL I am on Track C, and love all of the new experiences and opportunities this progam has brought to me.

Jose Castillo Bermudez - Guatemala

Hi, my name is Jose and I’m from Guatemala where I majored in Business Economics. I worked for more than 10 years in the cultural business sector, specifically in strategic planning and marketing. I am in Pathway C and in GLOCAL I found a programme that brings together many of my passions (economics, history, business, culture, travel and sustainability). This is a truly unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience that is taking me to some of the most interesting cities in the world while allowing me to meet extraordinary people along the way. I would define GLOCAL with this quote by Jorge Drexler “de ningún lado del todo y de todos lados un poco”.

Junyu Liang - China

Junyu, from China. Since 2020 I got my bachelor’s degrees in Software Engineering from China and Ireland, my curiosity and confusion about international politics has deepened continuously. During my undergraduate years, the HUAWEI incident immensely impacted me, and that became the trigger for me to come to GLOCAL, Track F. Today, we see a new technological revolution is in the brewing, but also see the nations reverting to the eve of WWI as Zizek so described. I have no idea what sort of future awaits, but would love to share this quote with all: “There is Great Disorder Under Heaven, and the situation is excellent!”

Karlijn Loeven - Netherlands

Hoi! I am Karlijn, born in Amsterdam, but when I was 18, I moved to London to study International Relations. I am most interested in sustainable development issues in Latin America, so I was very excited to see that GLOCAL offered me the possibility to study what I am most interested in, while being in one of the places I like the most. Moving cities frequently might be a bit tiring at times, but the experience you get is 100% worth it!


Ken Goigner - Austria

Besides being committed to political issues and my academic achievements, I also enjoy practicing diverse physical activities, ranging from scuba diving, through yoga, to my affection for skiing. Through previous travels, I broadened my cultural and linguistic understanding and followed my passion for photography. Being open minded and communicative by nature, I was able with these experiences to develop my interpersonal and empathic skills to inspire people as much as they inspired me.

Laura Edith Ortiz Velarde - Mexico

Hola! I’m Laura from the very beautiful Mexico City! Dreamer, female fight advocate and a believer that we can make a better world through education. I always knew that my academic path after undergrad had to be far from home, from where I had to challenge myself and break my social, cultural, and academic barriers. Every day I am grateful to know that GLOCAL is giving me what I was looking for and more, shaping the person I want to be to continue fighting and working for what I believe in.

Manuel Löw - Germany

Hey there! I am Manu, born in Germany as son of an Uruguayan Mother. My intercultural upbringing raised my interest in better understanding the interconnections of our globalized world. To me, GLOCAL is the ideal programme to go after this keen interest. It gives me the opportunity to further engage with concepts I am familiar with from my undergraduate degree in International Cultural and Business Studies (University of Passau, Germany and Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina), while absorbing the diverse and enriching perspectives of my international fellow students. Let’s see, what more there is to come! 😊

María Luisa Mészáros Ortiz - Costa Rica

I’m Lu, coming from Costa Rica. I love multi and interdisciplinarity; therefore, I’ve done ballet, dance, and performance art; I studied Psychology (UCR); Contemporary Philosophy (MACBA); Publicity, Marketing, and Social Media (ENEB); and Digital Business and Entrepreneurship (SBS). I started a social enterprise called Ciclo in 2019, to support non-profits working for sustainable development in strategic planning, marketing, and communication. Now, I am a GLOCAL because I want to find ways to challenge the gap between the benefits that globalisation and capitalism bring to certain sectors of the system, and hopefully, encounter new opportunities to work from local perspectives and participative means of social organization.

Marie Gilson - Belgium

Hi, my name is Marie. I am from Belgium where I did my first master in business engineering. I joined the Sustainable Business Development track (track C) because it combined a lot of my personal interests. More than that, the GLOCAL programme was the perfect opportunity to meet a wide range of new people and discover new places and cultures.

Marité Garcia Araujo - Peru

Hola! I am Maria Teresa Garcia Araujo, but everybody calls me Marité. I am from Piura, a very warm city in the north of Peru. I did my Bachelor in Business Administration and got +3 years experience in the Marketing field. But since I was little, I dreamed to know the world and make it a better place, and last year I made my dream come true by starting my Masters Degree with GLOCAL. In the last 6 months, I have had an enriching educational experience and I have met wonderful people that have help me in my professional and personal growth and development.

Melanie Thut - Germany

Hallöchen! I am Mel and consider myself as a true European. I was born on the German-French border, but my family is originally from Romania. This is why being a part of the #glocalexperience and studying in three European countries is ideal for me! Coming from a local perspective on urban economic development, I also chose GLOCAL to gain an interdisciplinary global perspective on economic and social processes. Topics that inspire me and that I would like to work on in the future are the European integration, feminist urban development and the transition to a social and sustainable global economic system.

Natasha Briguet - Brazil

My name is Natasha, and I am from São Paulo, Brazil. I hold a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the pontifical catholic university of São Paulo (PUC-SP). I have worked for five years before joining GLOCAL, mainly with international trade and market access. I chose GLOCAL because I am most passionate about the possibility of using international trade as a tool for the economic development of my region, Latin America. Besides studying, I love everything related to art, such as movies, especially horror movies and theatre. I also enjoy drawing in my spare time.

Nguyen Chau Cong Anh - Vietnam

Xin chào! My name is Cong Anh but you can also call me by my nickname, Cat. I am from a Coastal City in Vietnam called Da Nang, and there’s nothing I love more than walking on the sand and listening to the sound of the sea. Perhaps that is why even though I was studying Economics in Undergrad, I was so much more passionate about sustainability issues. I felt so lucky that I have the opportunity to study Track G of the GLOCAL programs because of the wonderful international learning experience and my inspiring classmates! I hope to continue growing, overcome challenges and create more positive changes in the world.

Nneoma Ezeh - Nigeria

Hello Everyone! I am Nneoma and I am from Nigeria. I have an undergraduate degree in Business Management. Before GLOCAL, I worked with Zenith International Bank Nigeria and as a Volunteer with an NGO focused on rural development through Agri-business development initiatives and youths empowerment and training. Being part of GLOCAL is a dream that exceeds my expectations. I have my best academic experience, and I am happy to learn from my coursemates and build lifelong relationships. The cultural immersion makes the journey worthwhile, making us Global citizens!!!

Nuria Peregrin - Cuba

Hola! This is Nuria from Cuba and I’m on track A. I have a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and 2+ years of experience working for a cultural NGO in Cuba. I’m interested in the cultural dimension of development and the role of creative industries in developing countries. GLOCAL has given me the opportunity not only to deepen my understanding of topics such as creative cities and industries but also to know amazing people from different parts of the world.

Pan Denggaofeng - China

哈咯哈咯(hello hello), I’m Pan, Denggaofeng (you can call me Pan ^_^), come from Changsha, South Central of China. Unlike the majority of Chinese international students, GLOCAL provided me with the opportunity to learn about three distinct countries’ teaching styles and customs, which I was really enthusiastic about! At the same time, I was also inspired by the varied experiences and colorful lives of other GLOCALs. Overjoyed and honored to join GLOCAL family!

Sebo Ho - Hong Kong

Hello! I am Sebo, a food and arts lover from Hong Kong. I chose GLOCAL beacuse of its interdisciplinary nature and my desire to experiencing new culture. Prior to GLOCAL, I worked in the field of project management and management consulting. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (International Business and Chinese Enterprise) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, trying out new restaurants, listening to music, creating art pieces, and traveling.

Shufan Song - China

Hi! I am Shufan from Tianjin-the most humorous city in China. Before GLOCAL, I studied an MA in Chinese Classical Philology. That was my passion, but I also couldn’t resist the lure of GLOCAL. Interdisciplinary research fascinates me, and exploring the world from different perspectives excites me. I have always looked forward to GLOCAL as an inclusive family and hope that everyone can truly enjoy in it.

Spencer Long - United States

Hi! My name is Spencer, I’m originally from the US but was born in Switzerland and spent my formative years in Southeast Asia, mainly Singapore. I studied economics and environmental science in my undergraduate degree and have always been interested in the business side of sustainability. I am passionate about exploring how tech, finance, and entrepreneurship can be leveraged to disrupt the international development field. I chose this program because it allowed me to engage with different cultures and learn how differnt people view problems. Outside of class I like to play sports including football, muay thai and beach volleyball, learn new things, like spanish and coding, and have fun by traveling and going out with friends. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

SzuTung Chen - Taiwan

I’m from Taiwan, but I’m convinced that I was a Latin American in my previous life (if there’s one). My biggest dream is to travel around Latin America, and Bogotá will be the start of my journey! Before GLOCAL, I volunteered in several NGOs, worked in a super cool hostel, and was a crowdfunding consultant that promoted designed-in-Taiwan products. After GLOCAL, I hope to pursue a career in social enterprises that work on blockchain technology and social innovation.

Tabassum Islam Susmi - Bangladesh

Hello! I am Tabassum and I identify myself as a lover of stories. To me, stories are an integral part of understanding any particular time, place and journey. So, in pursuit of stories and making sense of them, here I am in GLOCAL Path A (Global History & Creative Industries). I was born and lived most of my life in Bangladesh. There, I completed my undergraduate in business with a concentration in Marketing and Human Resource Management. Besides that, I also worked in fields of journalism, marketing and mass communication.

Tejasvini Ahuja - India

Hello, my name is Tejasvini and I am from Mumbai, India. I have an undergraduate degree in Management Studies with a focus on international marketing and a master’s degree in European Studies with a specialization in culture and society. Before joining the GLOCAL programme, I was working with a university as a project manager and technical writer for Erasmus projects and as a guest lecturer. My areas of interest revolve around issues of identity along with cultural and education policies. The GLOCAL programme has been a great platform to integrate my academic, professional, and personal interests, allowing for engaging debates and holistic experiences. I am excited to explore the new avenues this journey will open.

Teona Chakvetadze - Georgia

გამარჯობა! I am Teo and if you can read my greetings then you know where I am from, If not: Hello! I am from Georgia and this is where I lived before applying to GLOCAL. I worked in journalism, movie production and project management to name a few. One day, Having a hunger for personal growth and professional development brought me to a website that offered an interdisciplinary Master’s degree with an amazing mix of fields and topics, I was passionate about and I didn’t miss the opportunity. Long story short, after spending a fascinating semester in Glasgow, I am in Barcelona now, living my best life alongside the inspiring coursemates from all over the world with a goal to create a better, peaceful, equal and green future.

Thaisa Cäsar - Germany

Hey, this is Thaisa! Born in a small town in the west of Germany, I moved to Mannheim for my undergrad in History and Economics. I chose GLOCAL because of its interdisciplinary approach and how it simultaneously looks at the local and the global element of economic history. And I am so happy that I did! Not only do I get to study at various universities in different amazing cities, but I also do get the chance to meet and learn from so many wonderful people from all over the world.

Turana Alieva - Azerbaijan & Russia

Hey, you! I am Turana from Siberia born to an Azerbaijani family. Experiencing two different cultures from the very first day of my life made me excited about different cultures across the world. Thus, I did an undergrad in International Relations. I have previously worked for civil society organizations (Eurasia Hub) and international development agencies such as UNDP and GIZ. To challenge myself further and learn more about economic development, I decided to apply for GLOCAL, track F (Global Political Economy). I feel lucky and grateful for being a part of such an inspiring program and being able to meet people from almost every corner of this wonderful planet. Thanks to this program I keep exploring new cultures and people every single day.

Weizheng Wang - China

Hello! I am Weizheng Wang from China. I was born in a village on an island in Dongting Lake in middle China. I did my bachelor’s degree in Economics in Wuhan from 2017 to 2021. I am currently in Glocal track B: Glasgow, Barcelona, and Göttingen. I chose glocal because I am fascinated by the idea of studying in different cultures and institutions and I would like to have a different perspective of economics other than just mathematics and statistics. I think Glocal could provide me with the opportunity. I love movies, music, travelling, and exploring new things in different parts of the world.

Wenzhuo Guo - China

Hi~Hola~你好呀! This is Betty (WenzhuoGuo) from China. I like to throw myself into new areas and keep experimenting. I have chosen global markets and local creative projects as the pause button for my career in the internet industry. During my time spent studying and wandering in multiple countries, I was swept up in different kinds of mindsets. The fast-forward pace brings me to constantly think, create, experience, and find new possibilities for my life and next career. What an exciting experience! I love to travel and I love the Renaissance!

Xingzhao Duan - China

Hey! I’m Xingzhao Duan. You can also call me Ivy! I did communication studies for my bachelor and now here I am! I would consider myself a creative global citizen that writes her own songs, dance her own dance, and create her own content! GLOCAL has been an amazing opportunity for me to connect with the whole world! Join us and you’d have a global family!

Yan Yin Chow - Hong Kong

Hello, I am Yan Yin from Hong Kong, a busy city packed with skyscrapers. I did my bachelor’s degree in real estate and construction at the University of Hong Kong and have worked in the fields of valuation, development consultancy and land administration for a private consultancy and the local government. To me, buildings tell the story of a city and I am always passionate about the built environment and its interaction with people. I also enjoy oil painting, travelling, scuba diving and skiing. The diversity in GLOCAL and the international learning experience have inspired me every day since the beginning.

Yongji Zhou - China

你好!My name is Zhou Yongji and my English name is Jerry. I come from China, and my bachelor’s background is International business. I have a wide range of hobbies, such as travelling and playing basketball. Whether in sports or travelling, I like listening to other people’s stories and sharing stories. I drove 4000km on vacation, followed the coastline of east Sweden, and saw the Aurora in Norway with GLOCAL mates. One of the best things about becoming a GLOCAL student is to travel across many countries and experience different cultures. Looking forward to your joining.

Yuqi Zeng - China

你好. YUQI hhhhere!!!I am a minority growing up in minority areas. In my hometown, we get together every day to dance and sing. We even have our own unique culture and clothing. Under the influence of this culture, dancing is my favorite hobby. At the age of 19, I passed the Chinese dance teaching qualification examination. To get back to the point, GLOCAL is a bigger cultural collision for me. I come into contact with different people from different cultures (they are super nice) and different life stories here and observe the whole world through my classmates! Welcome to join us as part of the GLOCAL story!

Zizheng Yao - China

I am Zizheng Yao from Guangzhou, a port city with 2000 years of trade history in Southern China. I just finished my undergraduate study in Business Management and Economics in 2021. Since then, I joined the GLOCAL programme track F: Glasgow, Uppsala, Gottingen. I am very concerned about growing inequality and the social unrest it may cause. It is hoped that by studying in three different countries in GLOCAL, I will gain a better understanding of the way economies and societies work, to find possible solutions. Studying in three countries gives me, who love to travel, ample opportunities to explore the world.