Fancy seeing you here! My name is Tilla and I grew up in a small town at the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany. Although I deeply love the sea, enjoy sailing and eating fish, I couldn’t wait to move away and explore the world. I got as far as Berlin, where I did my undergraduate in cultural history & theory and business administration, and fell in love with everything cultural. READ MORE


Olá! My name is Daniel and I am a passionate Brazilian interested in the interlinks between sustainability and innovation. Currently, besides pursuing my Glocal master’s degree, I work for EURAXESS Latin America & the Caribbean, a European Commission initiative, promoting EU funding for Science, Technology, and Innovation in my home region… READ MORE


Hi everyone! My name is Maryam and I’m from Pakistan. Dreamer by day and thinker by night, I spend quite a lot of time in my head. I love a good challenge and anything creative inspires me! One of my hobbies is making handmade jewellery and gifts, which I turned into a small business venture at age 14… READ MORE


Hello everyone! I’m Lukas from Austria, and I’ve always been interested in the interplay between firms, national cultures, and business models. How do multinational companies adapt their business models to the local culture?  How do SMEs internationalize their business? … READ MORE


Hey! I am Celia from Hong Kong. This is the second time for me to study in Europe and I am deeply thrilled about it (hopefully we do not need to zoom our way through the degree!). Before joining GLOCAL, I graduated with an Mphil in Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge with… READ MORE


Welcome all! My name is Aslı. The world has circumvented around the sun 24 times since I was born. I enjoy cheese, cakes, anis, and orange flavoured liquors, obscure literature, contemporary visual arts, electronic-based variations of jazz and funk, 15 minutes youtube videos, eating food for hours around rectangular tables, long walks in … READ MORE



I am Blessing from Nigeria. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance, and currently studying towards the Global Markets, Local Creativities (GLOCAL) Masters degree. I am interested in the nexus of finance, policy, and development, a fact which has guided my professional career to date… READ MORE



Hi! I am Chestnut, from Mainland China, studying on pathway A (Glasgow-Barcelona-Rotterdam) 😀  For my bachelor’s degree, I studied pharmacy and English. My major might be the one that has the farthest relation with GLOCAL. Though interested in multinational business for years, … READ MORE


Hello! 你好!ㄋㄧˇㄏㄠˇ!I am Yu-Ting from Taoyuan City, Taiwan. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Law, used to be a process server of Taiwan’s court, a marketing planner of a Japanese animation agency, and an assistant to the overseas group’s chairman… READ MORE


Hi, this is Zhen from China. Coming from a small town in a valley on the Chinese-Vietnamese border, I always have endless curiosity about the outside world, which is probably why I chose GLOCAL to get the most out of cultural experiences (though lock-down makes it hard). I chose Pathway E, which is institutional change and creative industries. READ MORE