Author: The GLOCAL Experience Team

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Many hands make light work: Family-controlled and family-owned companies’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic

This is a short ride through a few family-controlled and family-owned companies’ responses during COVID-19. It takes the reader to a journey that collects examples of family businesses assuming responsibility and offering solidarity through creative ventures and opportunities during these uncertain circumstances.

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GLOCALs in Quarantine: How are We Coping with it Now?

In our second semester, we were all scheduled to be in Barcelona until at least June. At the time of writing, it’s the first week of April and some of us have already had to leave. Many of us are still here in the city for, well, we aren’t quite sure either. With the university shut since March 13 and the nationwide lockdown imposed in Spain since March 14, ‘Barcelona’ to us is now the views from our room windows (also balconies/rooftops for a lucky few…) and short trips to supermarkets.

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Sprechen Sie Deutsch, or how to master your German in Göttingen?

Glocal is a perfect platform to deepen intercultural competences and upgrade language skills. One of the key reasons for selecting Georg-August-Universität-Gottingen for my second-year studies was a chance to master my German skills for a whole year. I have studied German during my bachelor years and then worked at the German international agency back in my home country. That’s why I had some basic language knowledge before and kept my interest in continuing the studies.