This blog is a multidimensional, multi-media documentation of what will happen over the next two years. During our course of study,  we move from Glasgow to Barcelona to Rotterdam and Göttingen.

We are 32 students from all over the world learning something about globalization, the world economy and most of all capitalism. How does it influence the daily lives of seven billion people? We want to give you an introduction to our daily lives, and the topics we are confronted with at university. We are the first cohort to do this master and many things are new, not only for us, but also for the lecturers. How we feel, what we experience, what we miss from home, what we eat and where we go. Since 32 people have 32 perspectives we want to voice the whole different spectrum of opinions regarding what defines capitalism, how is it linked to creative industries? Some will prefer to write, others will take a more visual or even acoustic approach and this is the space where the magic happens. Stay aware of a great variety of different stories, brought to you by members of every imaginable cultural background, language and nationality.

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