Easter Break for Cohort VI

It’s time for the annual Easter Break holiday, which is one of the most exciting and happy moments for every GLOCAL! It is the first time since the Mobility 1 semester at the University of Glasgow that most students from both Barcelona and Uppsala tracks, who used to study together, will be reunited within the two-week time period.

As we are all studying and living in EU countries, most of the students chose to travel to the not so distant continent of Eastern Europe, including Prague, Budapest, Croatia, and Vienna, while others have chosen to challenge and conquer themselves by completing the seven-day, 115-kilometers totaled pilgrimages in the Camino de Santiago in the northwest of Spain. At the same time, eight GLOCAL students also signed up for the 2023 Prague Half Marathon while they set a new personal record for themselves by successfully running 21 kilometers in more than two hours. Some of the students’ shared what made this year’s Easter Break so special to themselves. Let’s listen to their heartfelt thoughts while empathizing with them with the same share of gains and joy!

Easter break this year was spent exploring new cities and accomplishing challenges I didn’t know I was capable of alongside my fellow GLOCALs, which made it such a memorable and rewarding experience. We started off in Prague – somewhere I had never been to before – admiring the beautiful city with its fairytale architecture and delicious chimney cakes. While there, some of us ran in the half marathon which was at times very challenging but ultimately incredibly rewarding. After a few days, we moved on to Budapest which was equally as beautiful in its own unique way. We visited both the dominating and impressive parliament buildings and relaxing thermal baths of the city (which was especially enjoyable since our legs still hurt from the marathon!). We also went to Szimpla Kert, an old factory transformed into a busy, vibrant bar. Enjoying this experience with the other GLOCALs was truly memorable and I’m so appreciative I could spend this time with such good company! — Laura


The Camino de Santiago was on my bucket list for a while, so I didn´t think twice to join Sensen when she told me about her hiking plans on this route. When she said we were going to walk 115km in 5 days, I truly thought it was impossible, but somehow, we did it. For me, it was a blessing to get to know more about Sensen and Keyan; I have learnt a lot from them and their culture, while we were transiting the astonishing landscapes of Galicia together. It was a very personal journey, full of introspection and I’m glad I had the chance to share it with GLOCAL friends. I totally recommend it. — Miyuki

Shh.. listen up! Here is a good tip for upcoming Uppsala GLOCAL students (track E,F,G). During the Easter break, I decided to go on a trip to Vienna and Prague. Just because from Sweden to Budapest and Vienna is considerably cheaper compare going to Barcelona, Berlin and other big cities. 

For me, this trip was all about exploring the unknown. I didn’t know that people in Vienna would be carrying violins and cellos walk around the city and that a live piano would make everything romantic while drinking coffee and eating dessert.I also had no idea I’d be able to complete my first half-marathon in Prague, and running with 12,000 other people was an incredible experience. Every runner has their own goal, intention, and struggle. But, in the end, we all completed the 21.1K run together. In addition, reunion with some Barcelona GLOCALs just make everything even better. This trip gave me a wealth of precise memory and a chance to explore the world. — Penny 


Walking the 120km from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela in five days was a challenging but unforgettable experience. The stunning landscapes, ancient villages, and warm-hearted locals made the journey all the more rewarding. I felt a sense of accomplishment upon reaching the Santiago Cathedral and reflecting on the physical and mental hurdles I had overcome. The Camino taught me the value of perseverance, the importance of community, and the beauty of simplicity. It was a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to embark on this adventure. — Keyan