Autumn in Göttingen

Every artist, musician, and writer has attempted to capture the magic of fall through various mediums. There is something beautiful and romantic about the season; the cooling weather represents a refreshing change, often after a long, muggy summer. And before the cold, bleary days of winter run into one another for months on end, first, we have those few months of in-between — where the sun still shines but the air is crisper, where the foliage is still full but the colours have warmed. 

In Göttingen, autumn has been particularly beautiful this year, as per observations from locals. The beautiful natural environment is especially inspiring for studying, giving the city a kind of collegial atmosphere that makes one want to settle down in a cozy corner of a library with a steaming mug of tea and crack open a book. 

Below, we share a collection of photographs of autumn in Göttingen, to give readers an idea of just how magical fall in central Germany can be.