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You are currently working as a social media executive, how did you get there?

It was a tough journey… One where I was confused and panicking in the midst of the pandemic about my life and career. There were no jobs available for freshers, getting an interview call in itself felt like an achievement, but it was expected that the international market wasn’t ready to accept people and train them. I decided to make a move back to my country in 2021 and hone my skills formally in content and social media marketing. 

I always had a flair for content and creative writing and an eye for trends in social media. My mother and close friends always encouraged me to get into writing, even if it’s on the side as a blog. I decided to make a career in the creative field.

What exactly are you doing at your current job?

I have recently started a new position at an ad agency. I’m looking into social media marketing for our clients and strategising better ideas for their growth.

Did you already know that you were interested in marketing during your GLOCAL studies?

Yes! The marketing bug had already bit me prior to joining GLOCAL. Through some of the core courses — especially Emerging Industries offered at the Universidad de Barcelona and Immigrant Entrepreneuship and History of Marketing offered at Universitat Gottingen — my subject knowledge broadened from this international perspective.

How are the topics you are working with connected with GLOCAL?

GLOCAL is more academic, whereas corporate life is drastically different from that experience. Even after graduation, I had to start from scratch all over again when looking for jobs. This is especially challenging for international students — I had to learn about a new environment and the skills that were needed. 

What skills and experience are valued in candidates applying to work in digital marketing and social media?

The top skillsets valued in candidates applying to work in this particular area includes knowing the nitty gritty of SEO and having the expertise in various digital tools listed in the job description.

Go all out with your favourite brands! Observe how they talk on different social media platforms — the kind of people they collaborate with and the witty comments and posts they do for Instagram and Twitter. 

In a nutshell, have fun with whatever aspect of marketing you’re wanting to get into. You end up learning a lot more about life and career outside the classroom, but keep your eyes, ears, and minds open for new experiences and knowledge wherever you go. 

Do you have any tips for current GLOCAL students that want to work in marketing?

Play around and see what you are really good at — content, social media, digital… There are so many forms of marketing! Do that basic research for yourself. Improve your communication skills and enhance your language according to the type of audience that you want to interact with, build a digital portfolio and be consistent, and take up certain courses online in the marketing domain through Coursera or Udemy (while your university email IDs are still active!) This will be an added advantage to your skillset. 

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