GLOCAL summer school: Working with local civil society

Engaging with a dynamic panel of guests directly involved in the Velvet Revolution, listening to the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra play an explosive rendition of Ode to Joy from the banks of the river Vltava, wandering through the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art situated in the Holešovice district of Prague… These were just some of the highlights of the intensive, week-long summer school hosted by Charles University, entitled “Twelve Centuries of Creativity: Arts, Business and Civil Society in Prague.”

It’s hard to say which experience from the program was most fulfilling, but we would be remiss not to speak to the incredible opportunity to work directly with local civil society in the Czech Republic. 

As part of the curriculum, students were assigned to eight different NGOs in the Czech Republic, and were then tasked with solving a specific issue with the organization. Below, we highlight these projects in more detail.

Amnesty International Czech Republic

Project goal: To develop a new communications strategy that would make volunteering for human rights organization Amnesty International more attractive. 

Team members: Fudongmeng, Evelina, Isabel, Alejandra, Annamarie, Mariam, Tabassum, Junyu, May.

Frank Bold

Project goal: Develop a communication and marketing campaign that will help publicize the “community energy” topic among constituents and municipal representatives and motivate mayors to build municipal community energy projects.

Team members: Natasha, Gabriela, Marie, Ling, Llnjie, Nicolas, Manuel, Maryam, Elias, Hideki.

Sue Ryder

Project goal: To develop a communication and marketing strategy focused on promoting the 100th anniversary of the founder Lady Sue Ryder planned for 2024 and 25th anniversary of the establishment of Sue Ryder Home in the Czech Republic.

Team members: Bridget, Thaisa, Ken, SzuTung, Maytee, Spencer, Maria Luisa, Zizheng, Sze.

Pro Pamatky

Project goal: To create a campaign that will help engage existing and new club members and donors in the institute’s programs and events.

Team members: Bruna, Jose, Alina, Vadim, Mariana, Shams, Melanie, Weizheng.


Project goal: To build awareness and engagement in bird parks throughout the Czech Republic.

Team members: Carolina, Nika, Liia, Nguyen Anh, Merle, Sophie, Yongji.

Prague Sounds

Project goal: To develop campaign to promote the festival as a significant cultural event in Prague taking into consideration its recent rebranding efforts.

Team members: Turana, Ana Paola, Harri, Chia Li, Anca, Madhusudanan, Nuria, Chaand, Giullianna, Yichao.

DOX Theatre

Project goal: To create a campaign that will help publicize the work of Dox Center’s residential theatre company Farm in the Cave and specifically their latest artistic / educational project Commander abroad to international audiences.

Team members: Jonathan, Wenzhuo, Teona, Navya, Irina.

DOX Museum

Project goal: To create a campaign that will help publicize the mission and unique spaces and projects of DOX Center to international audiences using art and tourist communication platforms.

Team members: Rhaisa, Yan Yin, Omoyeme, Tilla, Denggaofeng, Anika, Eunseo, Franziska, Lukas, Carlos.