#GLOCALCareers: Working as a Software Engineer at JP Morgan

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GLOCALCareers #2 - Hsin Ping Cheng (Iris)
  • Name: Hsin-Ping Cheng (Iris)
  • GLOCAL Cohort: Cohort 2 (2018-2020)
  • GLOCAL Track: A (Glasgow-Barcelona-Rotterdam)
  • Job Title and Company Name:
    Software Engineer at JP Morgan.
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You are currently working at J.P. Morgan, how did you get there? Did you start this job directly after GLOCAL?

I started my application with the JP Morgan graduate program a year before finishing GLOCAL, which was the summer when we were enjoying the sunshine in Barcelona. The job was scheduled to start the next summer, so I started right after I handed in my thesis.

What exactly are you doing at your current job?

My job is to maintain and build the new functions for the trading applications.

Did you already know that you are interested in these fields during your GLOCAL studies?

I developed my interest in tech business while studying GLOCAL. My thesis was about the tech development in Booking.com and how it became the world-leading brand in the Netherlands. I found out that technology played an important role in how Booking.com was established, even though it was in the hospitality industry. Technology is also an important part of our daily life and how we are going to shape our future world. Therefore, I decided to pursue my career in this field.

How are the topics you are working with connected with GLOCAL?

My current role is a combination of finance and technology, so I think it’s a perfect mix of my GLOCAL studies.

What skills and experience are valued in candidates applying to work in software engineering?

Coding is for sure a vital skill to become a software engineer. There are many resources online and free courses organized by organizations you can take to start building your technical skill. Apart from that, software engineers are needed in all industries, so knowledge of the industry you would like to work in is equally important.

Do you have any tips for current GLOCAL students for their job search after GLOCAL?

Don’t give up and continue learning! Job hunting can be a long and tiring process before you and your dream job find each other. Don’t limit yourself and try every possibility to explore your path. I think the most important thing is that you never stop learning new things and gaining knowledge. The world is changing so fast and there are new ideas, new technologies, and new businesses every day. Only by continuous learning can we keep up with the progress of the world.

Author: Hsin Ping Cheng (Iris)
Editor: SzuTung Chen
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