Cohort 5: Saying Goodbye

Ten months have passed in a blink of an eye, and we are now at that critical intersection, either in Barcelona or in Uppsala, where we must say goodbye to our GLOCAL friends and classmates. We all knew right from the beginning that this day would come, but maybe we did not take it seriously until the day finally arrived.

We don’t remember when we started labeling all the little, everyday, trivial things as “last” milestones like “the last class,” “the last lunch at the university café,” or “the last group trip.” As our friendships mellowed into something more comfortable and natural over the last few months, we probably don’t remember which conversation started the friendship or what was the exact moment that made us inseparable from someone else. The connections are so natural now, and it’s strange to think that we will go without someone’s funny, loud laugh or annoying but hilarious comments at future reunions.

Even though we have to say goodbye, it brings solace to know that we can say it properly with a firm hug. Last Friday, the Barcelona cohort went to Els Bunkers to enjoy the sunset. To commemorate the final group gathering, people wrote small notes to their friends. We turned our gratitude, friendships, and all our good memories into words, sealed and preserved in colorful envelopes that everyone can bring with them to their next destination.

It was great that we got to know each other and create all these beautiful stories and memories together. Ten months is simply too short, but I believe that it’s enough to create wonderful memories that we will never forget.