The trip to the Isle of Arran was the highlight of my short stay in Scotland. A mere three-hour journey from Glasgow brought us to a place of wilderness and good whiskey. Though I cannot confirm the second fact, since COVID-19 restricted any and every activity on the island besides hiking and sightseeing. In our short time on the island, we – a group of about 15 GLOCALs – hiked, cycled, shared life stories, exempted ourselves from paying 15 pounds for a museum visit, got blown off by the gale (no kidding), hiked to the mountain top (nearly), got lost, got found, got scared to miss the last ferry and get stuck on the island, got on the second to last ferry, got to photograph and spend an awesome day on the island.

Whenever you are in Glasgow and feeling adventurous, I will definitely recommend a day or longer (COVID-19 adjusted) trip to the Isle of Arran. Just make sure to check the weather – and more specifically, wind – forecast, to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. But the most important thing is, of course, to bring the right company. With GLOCALs, however, you are in good hands. So venture out, brave GLOCAL heart, the Isle of Arran is waiting for you.

Into the wild
Harsh but loving winds of Scotland singing a lullaby at sea.
Smile! It irritates people
Stay positive even when you’re blown off by the gale.

Author: Nika Dulevich
Photo Credits: Nika Dulevich (You are welcome to follow Nika’s instagram happiness.expedition  if you want to see more of her amazing photographs!)