Introducing Liya

Hey everyone! I am Liya from Russia (Moscow, Kazan).

Prior to GLOCAL, I studied International Economics in Moscow and went to Strasbourg for a semester abroad. I also volunteered in Indonesia and Sri Lanka where I worked on projects related to tourism and social entrepreneurship. Later I was engaged in the promotion of responsible tourism in Russia willing to show the genuine soul of the country. Working as a tour guide, I not only formed a better understanding of my country and its role in the world but also met various travelers who shared with me their fascinating life stories.

Curious about the world I was always seeking new experience that would support my personal growth and inspire me to create meaningful projects. That desire to learn and act led me to GLOCAL (Glasgow-Barcelona-Rotterdam), a programme that combines global vision and local influence. I am highly grateful to be part of the programme as it has already influenced the way I perceive the world. Besides, what is especially important, GLOCAL brings together people from various countries, people who have such different points of view but who share the same desire to live fully and create their own destiny. It is truly amazing to exchange ideas and thoughts within such a diverse team.

Most of all I enjoy exploring the world and creating meaningful connections while on adventure. I always strive to bring positive changes and look for opportunities to influence communities and people around me. Throughout my life experience I have learned the importance of strong belief and constant dynamics, and if you ever ask me about my life motto, it will be two words: “Keep Going”.

Please, feel free to write me on FB (Liya Khaziakhmetova) if you have any questions 😊 Looking forward to hear/read your stories!