Introducing Lilac

Hey! I am Lilac (passport name Yichao, there is a funny story about why I named myself Lilac when I was about 14, but let us just skip it) and I was born and raised in China. Before GLOCAL, I had in total 20 days travelling abroad experience, so this is my first “official” experience living abroad! I graduated from journalism as my Bachelor’s, and I worked 5 years as journalist, writer and tour guide in several companies in creative industry.

I was born in a region called Teochew in Guangdong province, which is very close to Hong Kong and very warm, so yes you can imagine I was not used to the Glasgow weather at all… I speak 2 kinds of Chinese dialects (Teochew dialect and Cantonese) and Mandarin. Uh, sounds not as cool as speaking 3 languages, since we don’t count dialects as languages. What a shame! Anyway, being born in a small county, I had always wanted to move to “big” cities since I was a kid. I moved to a city called Huizhou in Guangdong when I was 12, and had my bachelors in Qingdao, which is a port city located in northern China and has the most famous beer in China. After my graduation, I worked in Beijing and Shanghai. After moving here and there in China, I have found myself loving experiencing and learning different stories and culture, and communicating with people from all kinds of background. It was time to move out of China to experience something new when I found GLOCAL being a perfect match for my interest. Thank you GLOCAL for agreeing and giving me the offer!

My working experience can be divided into 2 parts: the Beijing part: copywriter in a fashion media company, journalist in a food magazine, and producer in a video company; the Shanghai part: writer and event organizer in a non-fiction story platform and food tour guide in a tour company. In sum, I did mostly interviewing, writing, and event organizing, and I can tell you where to eat soup dumplings in Shanghai. For my leisure time, I like to do swing dance, go to museums and gigs, and travelling.

So far I enjoy the GLOCAL experience very very much. Our classmates and professors are amazing, Glasgow is cool, and the courses are very interesting too. While I already had tears in my eyes when we said bye to Glasgow, I can’t imagine how sad we will be when we say bye to each other in Barcelona and even graduation… But isn’t it life? It allows you to experience, meet and love, and although there are goodbyes awaiting, beautiful memory lives forever with you. I am looking forward to my following GLOCAL time!