Introducing Franziska

Hey there! My name is Franzi(ska) and I grew up in the outskirts of Stuttgart, a region known for its innovative high-tech industries and conservative “Swabian” culture at the same time. Soon, I felt the urge to discover what life has to offer beyond the comfort zone provided at home. With 14, I spent my first high-school term abroad in Tasmania, followed by a year in Alaska at the age of 16. During my undergraduate years, I studied Economics with a specialization in Emerging Markets in Maastricht. Within the international student community there it is almost impossible not to develop a strong global perspective. Academically, I started to focus on Development Economics thematically and Latin America geographically. In particular, the role of innovation/technology and public-private-partnerships captured my interest. Therefore, I learned Portuguese and interned for a development consultancy in Lisbon and the German Embassy in Brasília. Broadly speaking, I hope that my future job will allow me to contribute to global sustainable development and bridging the North-South divide – whether it will be in the private, public or academic sector.

In my free time I am literally running around outdoors a lot. Sport, and running in particular, has always played a major role in my life keeping me in balance when stress levels are rising. While travelling the world, it did not only allow me to discover amazing places and stunning landscapes (the Scottish Highlands are definitely one of them!), but also to integrate easily within local communities. Volunteering for the refugee project Maastricht, I have seen how sports can be leveraged as a powerful social instrument to create integration and hope to support similar initiatives in the future again.

In GLOCAL, I found a program that would take up the opportunities and challenges in various contexts created under complex international relationships today. I enjoy that the program stimulates students to think out-of-the-box and equips them with the knowledge and tools needed to come up with own solutions. At the same time, it took me a while to get used to a feeling of “more confusion” following the seminars in Glasgow. However, the intense discussions within our multi-cultural and interdisciplinary group and the supportive environment rendered extremely valuable. In fact, it is great to see that the GLOCAL experience extends well beyond the class room. Tasting delicious food from all over the world, exchanging music, exploring the surroundings, diving into Scottish culture are just some of many high-lights. So far, GLOCAL has already been a true learning experience for me and I cannot wait to share another one and a half years with an incredible group of people.