Introducing Esmeralda

Heyah guys! I’m Esmeralda, 22 years old and a true ‘Rotterdammer’ as they call the local inhabitants of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I’m a very ambitious, chirpy, social, curious, sporty woman, who is always in for anything and loves to go out with friends. Besides that, I love to travel, which makes this master programme perfect for me. After my Bachelor in History at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, my interest in international relations was sparked and therefore I wanted to learn more about the present world and broaden my horizon by going abroad. While searching for an international master, I came across this challenging programme. It was love at first sight.. but as you all know, it is not easy to get in. As I always say: ‘Usually you start with a no, but by putting in enough effort you can to turn it into a yes’, I tackled this challenge with both hands, and here I am!

Right now, we’ve just completed the first semester in Glasgow and I can tell you from the depth of my heart: it is soooo worth it! The interesting topics about the current situation in the world are amazing, as well as the teachers, not to mention the rest of my lovely GLOCAL family! I say family, because that is what it is like to be in GLOCAL. Once you are in and you meet all the enthusiastic, adventurous, outgoing, social, friendly, helpful fellow students, you forget that you are far from home and you know and believe, that however challenging the courses may be, your family will always help you out.

Although I miss Glesca already, I can’t wait to continue this adventure in Barcelona and Göttingen!