Introducing Alina

Alina Maria Dumitru: A self-interview

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: I’m Alina, 24, I was born in Romania, I have lived and studied in four countries so far – Romania, Poland, Germany, UK and (at least) two more to come. I have an academic background in social sciences, with a focus on culture, a professional background in marketing and communications. Passionate about the society, the human mind, lifelong learning, art.

Q: What did you learn by living and studying in various different countries?

A: Being resilient, trusting myself, taking initiative, not being afraid of failure, gratitude, listening and understanding different cultural languages from across the world, different types of learning and teaching. And as a cure for home sickness, if some people say that home is where your heart is, I would say that home has to be found within your heart.

Q: What is it that you like to do the most and never getting tired of?

A: Traveling – I somehow find little pieces of myself everywhere I go out of the ordinary, in every new thing I learn about different spaces, or in every encounter with people from different parts of the world that eventually reveals how alike we are. I hardly believe someone could get tired of it!

Q: Four favourite movies?

A: The 400 Blows, The Elephant Man, The City of Lost Children, Melancholia.

Q: Three favourite TV series?

A: Lie to Me, Sherlock Holmes, Dark.

Q: Favourite verse from a song?

A: “Let it be”.

Q: What motivates you?

A: Being surrounded by inspired and inspiring people.


A: I was convinced from the moment I found out about GLOCAL that it is an appropriate programme for me that will create the opportunities to expand my academic and professional background in multiple directions ranging from topics such as globalised economy, entrepreneurship, to creative industries. Building a strong background in relevant matters for our society nowadays, getting talented people together from all over the world, studying for two years in multiple countries hosted by multiple remarkable institutions and learning from dedicated people – these are only a few of the reasons I chose to apply for GLOCAL.