Introducing Silvana

Hey there! I am Silvi. Born in the progressive city of Bogotá in Colombia. I have lived and worked in countries such as The Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Malta, and Colombia.

I consider myself a global citizen who loves sports, dancing, socialising, learning languages, and traveling. I have mainly worked in the third sector in  project management and coordination. However, if you should know something about me it’s that I love animals and I am an environmentalist by nature. That is why I studied a master program in urban environmental management at the University of Wageningen, The Netherlands and combined with my undergraduate in political science to explore the field of environmental policy. After having lived the working life, I decided to join the GLOCAL experience to transition out from the non-profit sector and seek new passions. I consider myself a resilient person who loves challenges and changes.

So, Y E S! I am looking forward to Barcelona and Rotterdam after sadly leaving Glasgow and its amazing vibe behind. I enjoy networking – so add me on LinkedIn- if you want to connect.