Introducing Prajna

Hello! I am Prajna from Kerala, a southern state in India. Having grown up in Dubai, I thought moving to India for my undergraduate studies was a huge step; here I am now in GLOCAL, moving across three European countries in 2 years!

Given that my high school diploma was in commerce and business, and my undergraduate degree was a triple major specializing in literature, history and philosophy, I feel like this program was the perfect fit for everything I am interested in. I joined GLOCAL fresh out of my undergraduate studies, and interacting with my classmates here has given me insight to so many different kinds of life experiences and careers that I hadn’t known was possible.

As part of this program, I am excited to travel and live in three vastly different cities and learn from their culture, and gather life experiences I hope to hold close to me for a long time. I think the program offers learning experiences well beyond the confines of classrooms due to the diversity of the cohort and nature of the cities we will live in.

I am a lover of all kinds of food (except eggplant ugh) and my body is capable of holding endless quantities of Chai and bubble tea. I look forward to sharing what little I know of my culture with everyone else and make my way into their hearts through some good ol’ Indian food 😀