Introducing: Maria

Hey, I’m Maria and… at this point I usually have hard times introducing myself. The thing is that since my school years I’ve been interested in all sorts of things and tried lots of side hustles: from being a pr-manager to performing mural art in Spain and the USA.

Born and raised in a small town near Moscow, I always felt the urge to broaden my horizons and discover the world around me ( this may sound like a terrible cliche, but that’s how I felt, as many other glocals did actually, as we all have itchy feet :)). That’s why I took part in as many conferences and summer schools on creativity and culture as I could find.

I feel truly grateful to GLOCAL for providing me with the opportunity to try out different projects and creative initiatives. So, even after going through some local difficulties during the first year of studies I never miss a bit of choosing the program.

Being still at the outset of my career in the creative industries, I believe it is important to make lots of observations, try out as many ideas as possible and find people that inspire you, following their advice and wisdom.

My glocal experience resulted in creating dignify – a podcast about people who chose the creative pathway more than 20 years ago and still stick to their guns in the design business. I hope that one day I’ll find myself creating meaningful art pieces and being able to improve the world around me in such a beautiful way as these people do.