Introducing Jean

Holaaa 🙂 I’m Jean from Managua, Nicaragua. I’m a 22 years easy-going and friendly guy who’s always trying to go outside his comfort zone. I was raised in different cities in Nicaragua, so I´m pretty used to moving and changing every now and again. By the time I graduated from high school I had studied in 10 different schools! When I got into college, I decided to study Marketing and Advertising because I consider myself as a very creative and spontaneous person, so I wanted to further develop my abilities in an innovative and creative industry. Also, since I´m passionate about numbers, I later started a second major in Business Administration.

By my sophomore year I was working as an intern in the commercial department of this forward-thinking tech company in the B2B sector, which propelled my sales and negotiation skills. A couple of months later, while still working there, I started my own mobile-bar business along with a friend and we had it for almost two years; it was my first experience as an entrepreneur, and it taught me quite a lot about business development. By the time we closed the project, I was leading the marketing division for the company I was working for and I really enjoyed it a lot! It gave me the opportunity to design and run several advertising campaigns. Likewise, at the end of my senior year, I had the opportunity to travel to Panama during a month as part of my innovation and entrepreneurship graduate course, which helped me enlarge my knowledge in business development and discover more about innovation ecosystems, which is currently one of my main area of interest.

On a more personal note, if there´s one thing you should know about me is that I love the beach! I come from a country with plentiful natural resources and beautiful landscapes, it’s basically paradise on earth, a land of lake and volcanoes. In addition, I really enjoy going out, volunteering, travelling and meeting new places and cultures, but especially, to connect with people and learn as much as possible from their experiences. This is so important for me because it has helped understand different realities and build a strong sense of social consciousness. As part of the GLOCAL master I look forward to getting to know my classmates, to learn more about innovation and global markets and be able to leverage all that knowledge while making a positive social impact. Also, I want to experience each city we’re going to be living at as much as possible, exploring more and new experiences