Introducing Jean

¡Hola! I’m Jean from Nicaragua. I studied Marketing and Advertising because I consider myself a very creative and broad-minded person, so I sought to cultivate my abilities in an innovative and creative industry. Also, since I have always been eager about numbers and businesses, I later started a second major in Business Administration. The GLOCAL program appealed to me as it encompasses a broad range of subjects closely related to my academic and professional interests while giving me the chance to experience three fantastic cities during my studies.

I am a natural risk-taker, always trying to move outside my comfort zone, challenging myself to reach new horizons whether it is by gaining professional experience or starting a new business while completing a 5-year university degree. I began working in my sophomore year as an intern for a Managua-based tech company in the B2B sector. A couple of months later, while still working there, a friend and I launched our mobile-bar enterprise, designed to cater to large events and parties in a stylish and distinctive way. This side venture was my first experience as an entrepreneur, and it taught me quite a lot about business development and branding. Two years later, by the time we decided to close the project, I had been promoted twice at my workplace to lead the marketing and communications department! On top of that, I had the opportunity to travel to Panama for a month as part of my innovation and entrepreneurship graduate course at the end of my senior year, which helped me enlarge my knowledge in innovation management and creative ecosystems.

On a more personal note, if there is one thing you should know about me is that I truly love going to the beach! I come from a place with abundant nature and breath-taking landscapes, full of lakes and volcanoes where I have collected some of my most treasured memories. Likewise, I enjoy going out with friends, sometimes running, art in general (especially films), and most importantly traveling and discovering new places and cultures! In particular, to connect with people and learn as much as possible from their experiences. This is so significant for me as it has taught me to recognize different realities and build a strong sense of social consciousness. Last but not least, among my other interests are digital transformation, sustainable development, queer culture, and digital rights.