Global varieties of capitalism presentations: through the eyes of second cohort

While we enjoy our deserved summer break, it’s good to recollect our hard study days at the University of Glasgow. Here is a throwback to the presentation day for the Varieties of Capitalism, taught by a visiting professor from the University of Gottingen Dr. Jan Logemann.

Varieties of Capitalism is one of the two compulsory courses at our first term in Glasgow. This course allows us to dive in the world of capitalism and discover its various manifestations across the world. The theoretical background of the concept is based on the 2001 work Varieties of Capitalism: The Institutional Foundations of Comparative Advantage written by an American Peter A. Hall and British David Soskice. In their ponderable book, Hall and Soskice lay the groundwork for differentiating two main types of capitalism: liberal market economy, represented in the book by the U.S. and the UK, and coordinated market, such as in Germany. After thoroughly studying the theory and its criticism, presented by Crouch, Fear, Sluyterman, Nölke and Vliegenthart, King and others, we tried to identify even more global varieties of capitalism. To make the process of preparation and presentation even more intriguing, our professor organized a competition for the title of the best presenters during our 8-hours presentation day in October, 2018. Here is our creative contribution for the VoC studies: 

1. Rich & Connected: Chinese Immigrant Capitalism in Thailand 

Presented by Joyce, Laura, GK, Jeen, and Pranat 

2. Shadow Economy: A Case Study of Ukraine 

Presented by Adua, Tracy, Yana, Anna P. and Slava 

3. Structure and Development of SMEs in Indian Textile Industry 

Presented by Jing, Huma, Isa, Syed, Shaina, and Clarice 

4. A real Inflation Struggle: the Hyper-Representative Case of Brazil 

Presented by Davi, Ekaterina, Tais, Ting-Fang, and Amanda 

5. South Korea: The Heart and Seoul of Social Enterprises 

Presented by Hsin Ping, Riccardo, Andrey, Yao Fu, Mischa, and Mint 

6. From Kibbutzism to Start-up Capitalism: Israeli Path of Capitalist Development 

Presented by Iryna, Hsiao, Yu Po, Daria, and Mashiyat 

7. Two ‘Stan’dards: Diverging Transitions to Capitalism between Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan 

Presented by Mariia, Pei-Lin, James, Efim, and Wing

8. Exploring Africa’s ‘Economic Miracle’: Can Botswana Be a Model for Continental Development? 

Presented by Jelena, Anna G., Hlib, Ashley, and Shih-Po 

9. Welcome to Paradise: a Dependency-led Tour of the Caribbean 

Presented by Alice, Erica, Riyoko, Joyce S., and Fraser.

This time the Central Asia team won while the teams representing Asia and Africa received vice-champion titles. After such a challenging week, we had a great opportunity to celebrate our achievements with our professors a wee bit.

Are you interested in learning more about the varieties of capitalism before joining a new cohort of GLOCALs? Then check “Why Nations Fail” by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson, which will be a perfect introduction of the institutional theory and will prepare you for this course.

Would like to know more about the GLOCAL presentation on the Varieties of Capitalism? Check out the experience of the first cohort here.

Written by Iryna.

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