Introducing Iryna

Hey, there! I am Iryna from Ukraine. Born and raised in the beautiful city named after the Dnipro river, I always felt a persistent desire to go beyond my conform zone and explore our small planet. In 2015 I left my city, a job at the auditing firm and with my small suitcase moved to Armenia to study European studies and enjoy fully Caucasian vibes. Since then I tried myself at the youth NGOs, international projects and even in the ministry.  Such an eclectic experience widened my horizons and helped me to become who I am now.

The GLOCAL is a perfect continuation of my career path and a chance to systematize my previous studies and experience under the one umbrella. I opt for a career in the economic development field and consider this programme as a platform to question traditional theories of economic growth and discuss how globalization challenges the localities. Moreover, I am excited to have a chance to experience 3 new countries, universities and cultures and to share this journey with 47 amazing people from all around the world.

Behind the studies, I am an eco-activist, food lover and solo traveler. Always open for new experience, starting from the extreme mountain hikes and trampoline gymnastics to the ballet and watercolor painting!